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Makeup for Red Hair 2022 | The Lillee Edit | Lillee Jean Beauty

Celebrities wtih red hair Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

The hue of red hair, whether it is natural or faux, is always a head-turner! Being a natural redhead, I always have found that some shades such as burgundy, plum, and cream, are my absolute favorites. Read below for my choices on the best eye makeup, skin makeup, and lipstick choices for fellow redheads! I go between my natural color, which is a golden blondish red, to a bit of a deeper auburn, but I never shy away from color. You shouldn't either!

Eye Makeup for Red Hair: Golden & Warm

Lillee Jean  Makeup for redheads
Lillee Jean

Eyeshadow is the best for red hair! Your eyes might be brown, blue, hazel, or green, but no matter what some shades always look good. These include black, cream, and chocolate, for neutrals. Warm-toned eyeshadow such as warm brown, peach, and copper really enhance the eyes beautifully. I always actually go out of my way to use a light gold, or light peach to highlight as they compliment my skin, hair, and eyes. Emerald greens, and, royal blues can look very beautiful, too.

Skin Makeup for Redheads: Fresh & Light

Lillee Jean Redhead celebrity makeup
Lillee Jean

Let your skin show through! Freckles are here to stay, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be conscious of wearing SPF under your makeup. Choose foundations that are light-medium coverage, and perhaps have SPF built in.

Being a natural redhead, you more than likely have fair skin. Be sure to choose foundation shades that MATCH! Chanel, Fenty, Mac Cosmetics, Too Faced, and Revolution Beauty have friendly neutral, warm, and cool colors that go quite light.

Lipstick for Redheads: RED RED RED

Celebrities with red hair Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

Bold lipstick! Burgundies, and cherry hues, are the best for the Autumn, and Winter seasons. I have neutral undertones, thus Mac Russian Red is my favorite! I also am neutral-warm, so I seek nudes such as Mac Honeylove. Anything way too cool, is, unflattering. Most redheads (natural), are warm.


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