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Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow Review+Swatch

Yes, I have now blogged twice in a day, get used to it :’). A couple of weeks ago I had ordered two new Makeup Geek DuoChrome Shadows in the shades Steampunk and Havoc.

What makes Havoc super unique is while it resembles Lumi’s sheen (as pictured above), the copper and green combinations makes for a almost lizard like color with SOO much depth. There isn’t any bitter chunks to this either, pure simmer.

Pictured above is Steampunk and Havoc, once again. This image really shows what Havoc is made of as the copper with teal reflects bounce off the flash lens. This is where the shock happened for me, because in the pan they don’t look the same as swatched. For instance, for Steampunk I was expecting a light bronzy color with coppery reflects. Boy was I wrong. The black base makes for a really unique shade and is less effort for days I want a dark smokey eye.

Pigmentation wise these are incredible and glide right on, in fact you might want to be careful with how much product you pick up because they’re very “ready to be touched” and have a wet feel. The texture almost reminds me of Colourpop’s highlighters JUST with 10x more pigment!

The beauty of Duochrome is if you bend one way the shade appears different, and if you bend the other it looks like a new color. This image justifies how freaking amazing these colors are since now Havoc appears like a frosted copper, and Steampunk appears to be a dark bronze. Actually, it looks quite similar to the way Darkheart looks in the pan from the Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet since Darkheart is a blacked plum with pink reflects.

Lastly, here is an image in warm lighting from the bathroom.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about these shades as they pack a punch in color, glide on effortlessly, and last long even WITHOUT primer! Pictures do not do these colors justice so I decided to also take a video to go along with this post. It captures all the angles of these shadows

Unlike in my other swatches+review posts I can actually rate these as whole because both offer the same values and word beautifully! Just be aware that Havoc is a tricky color and can sometimes lean forrest green. A lot has to do with the other colors incorporated in the look you decided to do!

Tomorrow I will be doing a blog post on the look pictured above but I feel it helps to annunciate the fact havoc can lean extremely green RATHER copper with teal notes. Also, to the right is the shadows under natural day light. It is much easier to see the teal reflection and blackened base.


Though I have not tried the pigments yet, the shadows defiantly are a 10/10. With any duochrome the results will vary which is why I LOVE them beyond a 10/10 rating. After testing on the two shadows I fully believe any color you decide to buy will have amazing pigmentation and glide on like silk.

Again, I did notice some similarities in formula with the duochromes feeling like Colourpop highlighters, however it is not a bad thing just be super careful when placing a brush on the shadow pan. They’re more resistant when it comes to breaking but still- just because they’re more expensive than regular makeup geek shadows watch out! Also if you have Sugarpill Lumi, the only difference between Lumi and Havoc is one contains a copper base, and the other a white base! Both have the same teal reflects.

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