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March Haul: Bh Cosmetics, Dose of Colors, Wet N’ Wild, Benefit + Swatches and Review

Welcome back everyone! Today I have FINALLY accomplished the task’s of recording a haul video+makeup tutorial, AND providing sneak peaks on Instagram, how could you not love me? I tried to give more of a variety with this one compared to my previous January Haul blog post/video. For example, rather all high end products a good majority of the items featured above range from .99 cents- 12 dollars! I am EXTREMELY happy with everything I purchased, all the items were unique in their own way which is something I hardly say because I’m the first to scout a dupe. Some of the products above I have previously reviewed within the 2 week timespan such as the Tarte Water Foundation ONLY because I was waiting for my Nyx Cosmetics order, unfortunately there was a mistake with shipping so those products never came! Everything I say in this blog post is MY OPINION, though probably not the popular idea (not a fan of the Pro Conceal by L.A. Girl), also everything shown was purchased with my money which gives me more of a reason to voice how I feel; sit tight and get prepped for swatches ;).

The rest of my lippie products are items I sort of got along the way, most of these roam alone or with a partner! You might be asking yourself, “why the hell didn’t she photograph these on her lips? Are they less of quality? Did she not like them?” The straightest answer I can give is- I was really damn tired man. In all honesty I have been up since 8:00 am doing this haul video so yes, I took a slight break BUT decided to still go forth in swatches because these actually are true to color on the lips unlike the previous shades! The top features Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor with two ABH Liquid Lipsticks, two Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams, and two Bh Cosmetics’s liquid lipsticks. First off, let’s get into the Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor. The shade HD Seduction has been HAUNTING me ever since I saw it at my local drugstore; I glanced once then once away. I decided to indulge in the product simply because, why not? Revlon states the whole HD lipcolor line features, “Lightweight, high definition velvety matte colors. Moisturizing, velvety feel. 100% wax-free, gel formula. Available in 8 high definition shades.” When it comes to velvety feelings, this has my vote! I actually used it on two of my client’s yesterday for a wedding, it lasted them a good 9 hours of wear time which for an makeup artist is a godsend. You guys know I absolutely LOVE my ABH Liquid Lipsticks, I simply have nothing bad to say other than I bought the color’s Spicy and Catnip, each very amazing with pigment and both have amazing wear time! I have not a clue why I bought the Nyx Matte Cream’s only because I despise the formula (too silky to the point it lacks pigment) BUT shown above is Addis Abab and Antwerp. I never quite fond these to try to any matte finish, perhaps that is me, HOWEVER Nyx does have a nice range of color. The last lippies apart of my lipstick haulage are the BH cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks in Muse + Princess. If you guy’s recall I mixed the two together in my Spring Bronze Copper Makeup Tutorial! As a whole these two rock in pigment, but they do not lean true to what the container shows. When I swatched Princess I WAS IN SHOCK! It looks to be a sweet Barbie pink but when applied its like a powdered pink, totally surprised! Also Muse looks to be a rose brown but when swatched its a pure taupe, though not my thing it is very unique. One thing to know is these liquid lipsticks are very watery compared to others, this might be a turn off too some!

I did happen to notice ONE dupe in this pallet, it is between C7.R4 and Makeup Geek’s Duochrome shadow in Havoc. While Havoc clearly leans much more green in tone and streaks a light copper (view my inside review of the shade here), it is very similar to C7.R4! Both are creamy in texture and amazing when it comes to pigment, get both if you will. Towards the out part of my arm is the LAST two shades apart of the 28 foiled eyeshadow pallet, they just didn’t fit my arm fully! If you guy’s want a better view of the swatching simply click on the images, it will blow them up to full capacity and resolution.

The last few item’s apart of this haul is my new fond love of KoKo lashes, and Kara+Posh Lashes! Honestly speaking I never though I’d say there is a remote comparison to House of Lashes’ Iconic, but after wearing Goddess lashes by KoKo, I will have to rethink what I once thought was the impossible. These lashes’s are freaking amazing, they have sturdy bands (means they will be good for a ridiculously long time) and are pure black in tone (some lashes don’t come as a pure black, though they’re listed that way). One thing I noticed from the KoKo lashes is they don’t have a shininess to them, which immediately is a pro because who the hell wants to glow on their eyeballs?! Though I haven’t gotten around to trying the Kara or Posh lashes they look amazing from the packaging, I can tell I will love them. The KoKo lashes shown above in casing are Ariel, Lashes 501, and Goddess! Hopefully you guy’s enjoyed this VERY different style of my haul blog post format, I will be doing a blending video very soon (next week) so stay tuned by following me on Instagram @thaeyeballqueen, and subscribing to me on YouTube: Lilz Trueman :). Have a happy Monday my cuties!

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