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Marvel’s Infinity Stones Inspired Makeup Looks

Catch the Infinity Stones before Thanos steal’s em’!

I’ve already helped the Avengers capture all 6, we need all the help we can get!

Here are my 6 interpreted wearable makeup looks all together in one collage for Marvel’s Infinity Stones. Please do know the stone colors are forever changing in the comics, so I followed through to what Marvel Studios is doing in the movies! I hope you cuties enjoyed this series just as much as I did. Below are links to EACH makeup look I’ve done in the series, along with a short description of my thoughts for doing the type of look I did. When you click a certain link, you will be directed to that blog post which showcases the products I used, along with some fun facts about that specific Infinity Stone! Thank you all for your constant support, kisses XOXO!

Space – I thought of being literally in space, with shimmery colors representing the strong energy this stone contains.

Soul – I thought of how the color orange can be mellow, and how it sorta’ “flows”, hence my body movements.

Reality – I thought of how reality can be bold, and blunt, but by the same token we all have to move on, hence the powerful lip color, sharp yet smokey eye makeup, and carefully photographed headshot (the sunlight brought out my cheekbones, and made them seem sharp, thus making me look “strong”).

Time – I added a sense of darkness to Time by showing everyone wants to stop it, but there can be light at the end of the tunnel, hence my placement of the vignette lighting effect. This can be perfect as a late night glam look!

Power – Rather a ton of makeup, I wanted ‘POWER’ to show me, and emphasize who I am as a person. I kept the makeup simple, crisp, and to the point. Power should not be messed with.

Mind – With all my looks in this series being so dark, I wanted to add LIGHT! Rather interpreting ‘Mind’ darkly, I thought of ‘Mind’ as a way of clearing the mind, and thinking freely, hence the lighter spectrum of yellows chosen.

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