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Lillee Jean Marvel’s Mind Infinity Stone #6 Inspired Makeup Look 2017

Lillee Jean Marvel’s Mind Infinity Stone #6 Inspired Makeup Look 2017

Here we are, love bunnies! The last Infinity Stone, Mind. ‘Mind’ stone is definitely something one has to interpret on their own, as it can have many meanings, and several connotations (dark or light, in example). My concept, which you can see above, was rather different than what others would do. For example, I kept the makeup in the spectrum of light golden yellows, and the overall look rather soft in the terms of wearable glam! This is because to me ‘Mind’ means freeing your spirit and letting your inner self “show”. Yellows and peaches look best on me, so I let my inner self, shine :)! On a side note, I can’t believe the Infinity Stones series is over, my loves, buttttt do stay tuned for a blog post to summarize up the entire lookbook of makeup looks!! Love you all, XOXO.

*Can control someone’s mind, although with an extreme hit to the head

the victim will become an individual again.

*’Mind’ has been only scratched on in the Marvel Universe. We know it

gave Wanda/Pietro their powers, and it powers Vision.

*There are 6 Infinity Stones: Space, Soul, Reality, Time, Power, Mind.

*’Mind’ was originally stored in the scepter given to Loki. Vision now uses it.

*’Mind’ has been seen in Marvel’s Age of Ultron & Captian America Civil War


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