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  • Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean Marvel’s Reality Infinity Stone #3 Inspired Makeup Look 2017

Here we are, love bunnies! Infinity Stone number 3, Reality. ‘Reality’ is in some ways like ‘Soul’– it has its good side, and it’s bad side. For example, the stone can alter reality where your simple concept of gravity, is reversed, or the equation of 1+1 equals 2, in the alternative world equals 11. The stone can also do things such as resurrect the dead and distort reality. My view of the stone from an artistic approach is minimalistic, yet powerful glam! ‘Reality’ is a sharp knife of truth, hence my natural lashes being free, and spiky, and my shadow being a reversed smokey, in a sharp and defining line. The lips speak for themselves as the stone’s adaptation in Marvel movies has been made a ruby red. I chose to use a golden necklace to accent a spirituality within reality! I am born of two religions. I am both, and through the universe, I choose to embrace that through just who I am, the colors I chose for this look, and even jewelry pieces.

*This stone when used with OTHER Infinity Stones can alter reality

as we know it on a universal scale.

*Reality without Time or Space can be EXTREMELY dangerous.

After all, Reality is in more ways than one TIME.

*There are 6 Infinity Stones: Space, Soul, Reality, Time, Power, Mind.

*Red Skull had the Reality stone in the 2010 Marvel adaptation. From this,

the stone was given to Doctor Spectrum, who changed reality, where the Avengers

were villains.

*The Aether holds the stone; The Collector held it.


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