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Maybelline Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick line Swatches (YouTube)

Colors made for…all? Welcome back Jeaniez! Today I swatch a few Maybelline lipsticks that claim to not only be universal (tested on 50 diverse skin tones), but high impact, and high quality. Initially I was taken back by this concept. A lipstick collection fit for everyone? I mean, skin color aside, TONE counts. A person could be fair, but fair neutral, fair cool, or fair warm. To even get more into it they could be fair neutral cool (leaning), or fair neutral warm (leaning). It get’s tricky! BUT, to my avail and my wallet this actually was a well spent collection purchase.

Meet The “FOR ME” Colors

To represent the main color grounds I purchased one fuchsia (in between pink/purple typically), one red (blue/red), one mauve (in-between pink and nude), and one spicy orange nude. See below for some IN VIDEO swatches!

  1. Mauve For Me

  2. Spice For Me

  3. Ruby For Me

  4. Fuchsia For Me

Fuchsia For Me

Spice For Me

Mauve For Me

Ruby For Me

As you can see from the TOTALLY unedited shots, these colors ARE BRIGHT! But you can understand them. For instance, Spice For Me, which is a orangey nude, is truly in-between. Not orange. Not brown. Not nude. JUST RIGHT! Who doesn’t like running into the drugstore, in a zip, and finding your color without question? For me I sometimes struggle to find colors that are warm enough, or bright enough for my complexion. Mauve For Me was a pleasant surprise, in specific, since mauve’s tend to wash me out A LOT! This was not warm, nor cool, just right!

Above is my mom and I both wearing “Spice For Me”! Not only was the formula SO CREAMY, that I had to use a lip brush (wouldn’t want this in the Summer heat), the color looked universally beautiful on my mommy, and I! I did want her to try on the red….buttttt, it’s not her thing.

Upclose of Maybelline ‘Spice For Me’

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