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  • Lillee Jean

Milani Gilded Gold Eyeshadow Palette, 24 KARAT GOLD COLLECTION Swatches

Hello Jeaniez, and welcome back! Today I am swatching for you two collections, but both holiday inspired by Milani Cosmetics. One being the Gilded series, GOLD Eyeshadow Palette, and Milani Gold collection itself (lip colors, and duo shadows). Below you will find product shots, and a swatch video!


Gilded Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Feel the luxury! For $19.99, almost $20.00, Milani has officially added to their Gilded collection, which includes: Gilded Ember Hyper-Pigmented Eye & Face Palette; Gilded Violet Hyper-Pigmented Eye & Face Palette; Gilded Jade Hyper-Pigmented Eye & Face Palette; Gilded Noir Eyeshadow Palette; Gilded Rouge Eyeshadow Palette.

For the holiday, a GOLD series truly seems quite apropos due to the fact Milani’s logo is a metallic gold, against black packaging. According to the website, this palette features “15 crush-worthy, can’t-stop-touching buttery mattes, soft metallics and duo-chromes…” Compared to the other palettes, this is unique, in the fact it is a standard set-up, without face and cheek included, or 16 shades.

As being someone who swatched the palette, I can CONFIRM the mattes are silky, and the metallics are out of this world! Think of this as texture heaven, at a really good price. Speaking of textures, the textures feel thick, almost like a finger paint (think Tarte), and each one is a bit unique from the next. For example, Cleopatra, has a VERY thick feel, and is a one swipe pigment kinda shade. Rose Nugget, is different in texture than Au-Some, as it has more reflects! I can see how one can have fun playing around mixing texture together.

Milani Eyeshadow Duo – Holiday Edition

Who doesn’t love eyeshadow duos? This $5.99 gem according to Milani’s website “includes a gold metallic shimmer on one side and a gold pressed glitter on the other…” Swatch wise I found this OUT OF THIS WORLD. So creamy, and so easy to apply. Although I know glitter can be iffy for application, compared to Colourpop glitters, I found this to be VERY creamy and smooth. One streak. The metallic was easy to apply, as well, though I feel the Gilded Gold palette textures were more melted.

Milani Metallic Shimmer Lipstick + LUDICROUS Lip Gloss

Both lipstick, and lipgloss retail for $8.99! The metallic lipstick was a SHOCKER. I must be honest, I had low hopes, since shimmer lipsticks can be sheer. This was FAR FROM SHEER! IF you want color, expect color, in a one swipe manner. The lipgloss was a bit sheer, however, I didn’t find it sticky, just a bit tacky!

Luxe Brush Set

When Milani says “LUXE” they mean LUXE! This $69.99 brush set is truly a treat beyond the drugstore. Not only do I LOVE the brush case, since it looks like a cute clutch when closed, but the brushes themselves are beautiful, extremely thick, as well as soft. My only con with this set is upon removing the protective brush seals, I did have to reshape brushes, which for the price is a set-back. Some hairs frayed, but once I rubbed my hand clenching the bristles together up, the brushes were purrfect!


This is a gorgeous collection, while I can only review my swatches and touch experiences, I feel the palette is a MUST HAVE for the holiday season!