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Lillee Jean Inspired Theatrical Fruity Strawberry Makeup Tutorial 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in Medium to Tan is one of my recent purchases, as you probably suspected it arrived last night SO I am a kid in a candy store right now trying to experiment with all the shades! Now, originally I purchased their light pallet and I was going to do a tutorial with it a few days ago, until I realized the shades were WAY too cool toned for me and looked very unhealthy against my skin, so we make do and try once more. As bronzer I took the shade Havana and using a clean Mac 168 brush gently blended it across the temples of my face, down to the hollows of my cheeks, and around to my jawline nearly touching my under chin area! Bronzer’s are JUST as important as a good contour, without the natural gradience of light to dark a contour would look COMPLETELY harsh and very displeasing in natural light– I strive to make all my makeup looks as perfect in photos as in real life, I know a ton of beauties have issues with this type of makeup looking odd up close, thing is this is recreational SO GO ALL OUT SISTA! To add some drama to my skin I took the shade Espresso and proceeded to applying it onto the outer three of my face, excluding the nose because Peaches & Cream was then taken upon. As you can see from the face chart the model drawn has VERY high cheekbones that also mimic a bronze to vibrant reddish pink blush shade, I chose Stila’s Watercolor Blush in Poppy primarily because the same effect was achieved! Using my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I stippled the center of my bristles right onto the container cap and proceeded to effortlessly stippling the product onto my cheeks starting from the apples up to my hairline. Try to stick along with the elongated blush application, it’ll form the illusion of higher pulled up cheekbones while also pulling your features together!

Lillee Jean lips 2016

Lillee Jean Inspired Theatrical Fruity Strawberry Makeup Tutorial 2016

Lillee Jean Inspired Theatrical Fruity Strawberry Makeup Tutorial 2016

The Anastasia Brow Definer has been on the TOP of my list for quite some time, thought I am not a fan of pencil like eyebrow definers, this is QUITE the exception! The unique shape really makes it simple to fill in and go– for example, with the Brow Definer I simply brushed the caramel stick upwards mimicking actual brow hairs then I followed through with long strokes to line my upper and lower brow, the spoolie can in handy to evenly disburse the product as well! The goal here is to have feathery yet defined eyebrows, just as pictured in the face chart, luckily Milk chose a warm toned shade so the brow’s looked identical :). Though I SUGGEST a priming base I was so fixated on strawberries I forgot to even smudge on the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil I had right beside me! As long as you focus on strategic application motions, the eyeshadow applied should look identical to if a base was used, you just have to work in packing on more pigment.

Speaking of packing on pigment, the first shade applied to my lid is a gorgeous vibrant neon green, specifically C3.R4 from the Bh Cosmetics 88 Cool Shimmer Pallet! Using my Mac 239 brush I gently began to pack on pigment starting from the inner third of my lid out towards the outer third, do be aware as you apply the other pigments this shade WILL fade, so be sure to “keep up” on adding pigment as you go, also keep in mind a glitter in applied directly on top. Straight from the gecko vibrancy is written, switching to a fluffy Sephora #27 Brush I picked up a tiny amount of Flame Point and lightly blended it right into my crease using side to side motions! Every time I got the pigment to fully disburse outwards I then picked up more of the eyeshadow and proceeded on to intensifying the color, concentrate it mostly towards the INNER parts of your eye adjacent to the sides of your nose. For added depth and dimension I then took Love+ and swished it into the inner V of my eye using circular and windshield wiper motions, try to avoid making this a smokey eye, the point is being ELECTRIC! Before setting down the fluffy brush I took a tad of C2.R1 and dusted it right onto the high point of my brow bone, this is VERY vivid in the face chart so be sure to choose a shimmery yellow, any excess product was dusted onto the inner corners of my eye.

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