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Mini Sephora Haul! Swatches+Review

Hello loves!  I recently have gotten the itch to splurge on some new products that happen to be quite impression, and others rather iffy.  These products will be swatched with and without primer as well as compared to dupable shades (similar to my haul video)

In this photo I used White Chocolate as a base shade, Milk Chocolate as a transition shade, Marzipan on the entire lid with a tad of Creme Brûlée on the center, then I used Hazelnut in the crease with Triple fudge to deepen the shimmery brown, and lastly Champagne Truffle to highlight!

While that all looks great.. here is the swatches WITHOUT a primer, mind you some shades look drastically different IMO.  For example, Cherry Cordial looks almost brown in the no primer’ed swatch!

What annoys me is while these swatches seem great, on the lid its a new ballgame.

Overall Rating: 6.8/10 While I was excited for this pallet it just does not live up to the hype! In fact some shades are dupable and more pigmented such as Honeypot.  If you’re looking for a high end pallet, indulge in the NAKED series by Urban Decay.  If you MUST or LOVE Too Faced buy the Natural Eye pallet as each shade is truly a dream to blend!  My biggest turn off to this is the chalky array of colors, some are hits others are misses which I do not fancy after spending 40+ dollars on QUALITY.


I am most in love with the SHADE+LIGHT pallet by Kat Von D! The “shades” truly capture what look I was going for while the “lights” were alright, I have seen better.  A lot of people have said “who needs so many shades?” Well, I do.  For example, I use Subconscious on my cheekbones, while Shadowplay is used on my nose, temples, and jawline.  My only issue is that the light shades Lucid-Levitation are wayyy too peachy and pink in tone which means well, sombre isn’t working for me. Here are some swatches of the shades with a primer (SMASHBOX HD PRIMER- COLORLESS)

Overall Rating: 9/10 This will defiantly be one of my go to pallets for fall since I FINALLY found a dark enough contour shade for my taste!

Benefits Dandelion is a highly recommend blush shade and while it is pretty I feel it does’t do much for my skin… like where am I being lit from within…where is my color? I don’t really know.  Perhaps my skin had an off day but the color was alright, nothing special.  For some reason it made me look ghostly, which is odd since I am a fair person!  In fact I prefer Mac’s Well Dressed blush ANYDAY over this since unlike benefit Mac’s blush doesn’t have a lingering scent of flowers, thank you.

Overall Rating: 5/10 I cannot decide if I like this or not as I can see myself wearing it on a blah day with tinted moisturizer.

Now, moving along to the lips! I had been eyeballing Kat Von D’s lipsticks for quite some time and decided to finally purchase it!  I had chosen the shade “Cathedral” which is described as a matte coco rose.  Matte it sure is my goodness!  It tugs the lips tremendously to the point getting color out is difficult!  If this shade wasn’t so unique, BYE BYE VON D.  Anyway, on top of this I had picked up a sale item’ed lipgloss made by Sephora.  It sorta made Cathedral more lively and surprisingly wore a long time!  I am not use to a lipgloss prolonging lipstick wear and not being sticky, go figure!

The lipgloss was 10/10 for me in all honestly it had the perfect shine and was not sticky in fact i’d prefer it over my BUXOM gloss ANYDAY!!  On the other hand, the von d lipstick was a straight 7.  I do love the color but the texture.. not so much.  Actually, if I recall she had a problem with “lolita” as the last batch was very brown so I might of gotten a bad lipstick, not sure but it definitely was not creamy like Mac’s Matte lip line, or the Audacious lip line by Nars.

Lastly, I am going to swatch my new holy grail foundation.  This is amazing stuff, despite it clinging to dry patches, then there’s that.  However, I have found it is the only foundation that DOES NOT make me oily and DOES NOT oxidize which are two things I battle with most foundations.

Before I get to the swatches of it, I had noticed many people had an issue color wise.  Now, I am a fair person and this fits amazingly, I think the issue is the shades run more neutral – yellow than pink toned which would reason out why many women find the Porcelain shade too dark.

All in all I would not regret these purchases…well maybe the chocolate bar pallet BUT that is O K I have discovered some lovely crease shades such as Triple Fudge!  The best out of these items even over the foundation would have to be the shade&light pallet.

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