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Mossy Green Shimmery Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial


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                                                Eye makeup seems to intimidate people more-so than facial makeup.  The key factor here is a well developed smudging method with occasional soft blends…not much to study nor know, just get into las/lad!  Prior to eyeshadows you MUST have a base set, sorta like with face makeup using foundation and a primer, eye makeup requires BROWS and an eyeshadow base of choice.  I prefer using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Auburn along with my Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Strawberry Milk for a shimmering base! While I would love to sit around and explain how I smudge eyeshadow bases and construct my brows, I feel everyone does these two processes individually different.  For example, some spoolie through their brows fist and swear by it, I on the other hand don’t….I thin you see my point!  The first eyeshadow applied to my lids in called Dirty Martini by Makeup Geek, pretty self explanatory as the shade is a deep olive. With a Morphe E22 Pointed Blender brush I dipped into the eyeshadow pan and proceeded to softly dusting it onto my lids up towards my crease with smooth and fluent side to side blending motions– Dirty Martini is not only a lid shade, but a transitional hue! To begin adding drama and depth I switched to the color Nature’s Calling by Morphe Brushes, a deep green, and fluffed it into the inner V of my eye socket using firm circular motions.  If you start from the outer third of your lid and drag the vibrant color into your crease FOLLOWING your natural lid curvature all should go well! To “set” my crease and move along too the following shadows I finished up with ‘Wilderness‘ by Morphe Brushes, once more, and with a cleaned a M433 Morphe Brush dug right into the eyeshadow and with no fear blended away– darker army greens are VERY intimidating to newbies, almost like black, but if you just work with your blends, preferably side to side light smudges, you’ll be finnnnnne! I have been DYING to use Jester foiled eyeshadow by MUG for the longest time ever, in fact the last time I ever touched it was for my Shimmering Orchid Makeup Tutorial back in December of 2015. I highly recommend STAYING with your firm blender because the way I applied Jester is with downward streaks, not pats, nor smudges– be sure to build up to your desired sheen! Excess product was smudged under my lower lash line followed by ‘Aura‘ eyeshadow applied to my brow bones and inner corners to attract light inwards.

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