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MULAN Disney's Live-Action REVIEW and THOUGHTS WITH SPOILERS 2020 | Lillee Jean

Hi Jeaniez, and welcome back!! Mulan is one of my favorite Disney Princesses. With Liu Yifei's stance on China looming against the film, causing many to boycott, and others being salty just because...I wanted to add in a bit of my own commentary. Plain and simple: go into this as a WAR movie. Not a PRINCESS classic movie. Clear your mind of what you knew, and embrace the interpretation. You do have a "Shang", a "Cricket", and "Yao", a MUSHU in the films own "serious" way. If you're expect copy and paste, that is NOT this movie.

Although I do not agree with Liu Yifei's stance, as nobody should support mass devastation, she supported her country, no different than Gal Gadot with Israel.

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