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My Favorite Sensitive Skin Makeup Products (Foundation, Glow, Blush, Powder)

           What is sensitive skin? Well, to some extent WE ALL have sensitive skin. We all have products that work for us, but others don’t. We all have been there where we see a new product but question, “will this break me out?” Since I did my Best Product for Dry Skin YouTube video around 2 years ago, I thought a different concept might be of more use, SENSITIVE SKIN. Now, I did promise another dry skin video, but I realized after minimalizing the products that I use, I don’t have much to recommend foundation and blusher wise — most SPF products, products with fragrance BREAK ME OUT! If this sounds like you, please continue watching, or in this case reading, for my product recommendation based on test and trail circumstances xoxo.

          Please allow me to start with AVOID products with “fragrance” at ALL costs. This is a marketing trick brands use to pack in extra ingredients. For example, you see the ingredient list, but also see “fragrance”. What actually is IN that ingredient? According to law, brands do not have to disclose what fragrance relates to, and it could entail over 50+ more “ingredients”. Hello breakouts, my old friend! Also, please allow me to let you loves know a breakout from a product is an ALLERGIC REACTION. Sometimes, although it’s not the best of tricks, taking Benadryl relieves inflammation, and in my case takes down any breakouts, often times they’re actually itchy hives, without pus. THIRD if at ANY TIME you notice itchy, burning, a feeling of a mask on your face, or that you feel sick, remove the product at once, it’s not worth it. ALRIGHTY, now that we’ve covered our base grounds let’s get into makeup!

*Check out this website: https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/#.WraaiWaZNjU which can show you love’s WHAT really is in your products! I like to reference here often times when I’m unsure as to what an ingredient is.*


If I’m to be completely honest, I don’t use primer, and this is because due to my sensitive skin I developed a method of spot correcting, rather putting on a “full face”. From time to time, however, my skin does dry out a bit, which is often times when I lack water. To boost hydration I mix a TINY BIT of raw vitamin e oil between my fingertips and gently pat it onto the four main zones of my face. Vitamin e is an extremely moisturizing oil that tends to dry down extremely quickly, and in my opinion is a slick alternative to coconut oil which can lead to breakouts as it is comedogenic (clogs pores). NOW, of course, everyone wants to use “makeupey” items, but remember you are here because you have sensitive skin, and honestly the best product is the product that is the rawest, meaning doesn’t have 100+ ingredients.


Ahh, here we go. FOUNDATION! IF it’s not your base breaking you out, perhaps it is your foundation. I remember years ago when I first began Thaeyeballqueen going through tons of foundation ranging from Make Up For Ever, to Too Faced, and only one brand really struck me as being suitable for my skin, that is Cover Fx. Interestingly the brand is not necessarily “vegan”, but since using the cream foundation, and powder foundation I’ve noticed my skin NEVER breaks out, and the color match is rather close. I am venturing into more natural product line such as Ilia and RMS, however, I am equally as cautious, since RMS uses coconut oil extensively which always leaves tiny bumps on my cheeks. Anyhow, below are my two recommendations, and WHY I chose them. Please note, that instead of giving you loves 5 foundations, I gave you TWO, riddling down to the best, in my opinion.

Shades medium to dark provided by Coverfx.com

Shades fair to light-medium provided by Coverfx.com. This better illustrates for you loves how vast the color range is for Cover Fx. My shade is N10!

Cover Fx Custom Cover Drops; Cover Fx Cream Foundation

The custom cover drops are amazing for people with sensitive skin, due to the fact the product is basically PIGMENT.  That means no fragrance, and you get to control your texture, coverage and so on, and so forth. The Cover Fx Cream Foundation is ideal for people who want quick coverage, without all the fuss of smelling heavily fragranced products, nor the fuss of wondering what the heck is really in your product. LET IT BE KNOWN, that not all ingredients with Cover Fx’s Cream Foundation are deemed “ideal”, however, the face doesn’t lie, especially with no breakouts.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation

Suitable for oily, to combo skin, I find this foundation to be extremely customizable in the terms of texture. For example, if my skin is dried out, I add oil to the foundation and it becomes a smooth cream! If my skin is oily, I add a bit of setting powder to create a paste. Whatever the case might be, however, this product has never caused a breakout for me and works just like Cover Fx’s Custom Cover Drops. It’s practically just pigment that’s free of parabens and sulfates. The shade range is amazing for this line, too!


Even with my minimalistic routine, sometimes I fancy a GLOW! Now, my cheekbones break out differently than my forehead and chin. For some reason the skin is a little bit more “forgiving” there, thus I have more recommendation for this section than for the foundation. Please know that if it’s not your primer, or foundation causing you a breakout, MAYBE it’s your glow or blush!

RMS Champagne Rose giving me a beautiful, and natural glow!

Rms Living Luminizer/ Champagne Rose Luminizer

(I haven’t tried the Magic Luminizer, but it is the same product, just a different color)

RMS, as explained above, uses coconut oil, but the living luminizer in champagne rose is NO JOKE! IT gives one a natural radiance that looks like you just worked out. At times, paired with the right makeup it also can look ethereal! My only forwarning is that if you have sensitive yet oily skin, steer clear of this product as it’s like a BALM. This will amplify your oily skin, and not be entirely flattering.

Cover Fx Click Stick in Celestial is my FAVORITE glow product! It matches my skin beautifully and blends out to a natural pearl.

Cover Fx Click Stick/ The Perfect Light Highlighting Powder

Cover Fx is a given, the brand is amazing! I fancy their Click Stick in Celestial, and their highlight in moonlight. Both impart natural, NOT SHIMMERY glows that rival RMS’s Living Luminizer, but minimize the look of being oily. I’ve never had a problem with breaking out with either product! Let it be known that both are buildable, and long-lasting when applied the correct way. If you have dry sensitive skin, the click stick will be most beneficial as it’s creamy, and if you have normal or oily skin the regular powder highlighter would be most suited!

ILIA Multi-Stick in action! I used the product on my lips for a sheer, ethereal color.

ILIA Multi-Stick

I am not a lover of blush. I like to keep my cheeks as bare as possible since when I start giggling the blood rushes up and I have my flush. I did come across ONE product, however, blush wise that I keep hand and hand in case an event pops up. That product is Ilia’s Multi Stick! It can be used as a lip color, cheek color, or even eyeshadow! This contains buildable coverage and is made with vitamin e, shea butter, as well as avocado oil. I believe even those with dry sensitive skin types can get along with this product! (72% organic)


As you loves know I am not a fan of contour nor bronzer. I feel it doesn’t accent MY FACE correctly and changes me too much! I don’t a smaller nose, nor chiseled cheeks, I love who I am. With that being said, I only have one product recommendation, that although expensive can be quite beneficial to those who like 2-in-1 products.

Lilah b. Bronzed Beauty Bronzer Duo

I actually received this product last year apart of Sephora’s Rogue seasonal gifting session! It is a vegan bronzer that doesn’t have sulfates, phthalates, fragrance, or gluten. The packaging on this baby is very luxurious, and hardy, thus the $42.00 price tag starts making sense. The product also features 3 different “bronze shades” that allow YOU to customize your ideal warmth!

Cover Fx – Contour Kit

IF you want a natural contour, I’d recommend a product I used to use, which is Cover Fx’s, Contour Kit! Cover Fx has an extremely extensive shade base, thus I guarantee there is a palette for everyone. Vegan, free of parabens, and noncomedogenic, I suggest you loves give this baby a try as you get 1 highlight shade, 1 bronzy shade, and 1 extreme contour shade, along with one creamy highlighter! (no mineral oil, or talc)


It tis’ now time to WRAP THIS UP! When I go to events, I like to be ensured that my face will stay put. All the products I have listed below I’ve used for more than 1 year, and have never had a problem! Needless to say, what works for me MIGHT not work for you, but at least this can give you Jeaniez a starting point as to where you should steer when it comes to choosing your products.

ILIA Soft Focus Finishing Powder 

This is, in my opinion, an amazing alternative to Make Up For Ever’s coveted HD setting powder! It has a translucent finish and is 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and 50% organic. Infused with rosemary oil, and passion fruit not only does this product help with redness, and inflammation, but it has a very soothing natural scent that almost reminds me of lavender! It definitely helped my makeup stay on longer, and helped smooth my skin appearance out.

Lilah b. Aglow Face Mist being applied! It can be used to refresh skin, hydrate skin, or set makeup.

Lilah b. Aglow Face Mist

Sigh, we all have been minions to Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray, but what if there was something better? This lavender oil-infused mist is perfect for refreshing makeup during the day, setting makeup, and simply hydrating the skin. It is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates which are hormone disrupters used in makeup products. This will extend your makeup wear!


    None of the products above, contain affiliate links. I used Sephora.com since I tend to shop there often. This is NOT a sponsored blog post, and all ideas, concepts, and pictures showcased are MY OWN unless stated and cited otherwise (for example the Cover Fx swatches).

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