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My Make-Up Brush Set ‘The Midas Touch’ 10 Piece Oval Brush Set Review

As you loves know from my last blog post, I recently received the My Make-Up Brush Set ‘The Midas Touch’ 10 Piece Oval Brush Set in the mail yesterday evening, and might I say I AM IMPRESSED! From the soft dense bristles to sturdy handle, what more come a woman ask for? Well…let’s not get into the cons just YET. According to their website, “…this 10 piece set gives you so many options for doing your makeup. The brushes have a round shape design that’s perfect for blending foundation, blush, or powder to your face or cheeks…” already sounds quite promising, doesn’t it? The introductory continues on by claiming the key points of flawless coverage, synthetic hair bristles, a firm grip/handle design and tilted brush tip— in my opinion the most important of all is that the My Make-Up Brush Set company happens to be ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE and they have easy free returns if you’re unsatisfied with your products, two things hard to come by nowadays! As a quick “just so you know”, MyMakeupBrushSet.com has been around since 1998. They have consisted of professional beauticians who “Live and Breathe Makeup Every Day“; this is easily proven by their durable and functional products, am I right or AM I RIGHT?! Their products are distributed by their company across the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia– which meaaaaaans, if you have interests in bulk purchases of the such EMAIL them, they reply within hours (I’ve felt with two representatives so far)! Prior to getting into further detailing, I would like to draw focus to the incredibly detailed brush layout format provided on EACH brush set collection, there is a total of 4, click THIS LINK to be redirected to all Oval Brush Sets.

Anyhow, if you take a peak to the right you shall see the different labeled brushes with there supposed purposes. For example, the largest is considered Handle A. It tis’ meant for foundation, bronzing, and setting powder usage. The smallest, Handle J, is meant for lip finishes, eyeshadow, and concealer! Something I find VERY helpful is the measurements listed. Most brush companies ditch this tedious step which reflects on the brush maker as a whole, My Make-Up Brush Set TRULY CARES beauties. In fact, while the set’s originally retail at $400.00 dollars, they’re ALL on sale for a whopping $39.99…you even stand a chance to receive free product such as I did with their special “Free Brush” offering. For those interested moreover you must like their Facebook and Instagram pages, post a positive Video Tutorial reviewing the products, post a photo of your brush set on Instagram and send a screenshot of your video post to Facebook+Instagram post with your order number to info@mymakeupbrushset.com–seems simple, right? I have NOT tried this however I do see numerous beauties racking up their pages SO check it out and tell me how it goes.

Being I did not outright purchase this Brush Set and I AM NOT seeking free product you shall be happy to know my review from this point on will be as good as gold— I simply WILL NOT stand for fibbing as that is deeming of my character. Alrighty, let’s begin with first impressions since after all my last tutorial said it all ;)! Looking past the beautifully positioned bristles that are closely packed near each other, soft texture, and reflective nature I was VERY surprised the handles were practically plastic…not metal. For $400.00 I’d expect sheer Prada, not nada! However, many beauties look toward the actual application process itself so I shan’t harp on that factor too much. As far as application goes there is no flaws, infact if you seek an airbrushed finish look no further than the Oval Brush sets! As being someone with hormonal acne thriving on my skin currently I was fearful the dense bristles would drink up any product applied, but once I got into the “mojo” of things evenly in three swipe brushings product was disbursed in a medium-high coverage manner SANS cakeiness! One thing I will say since I am more of a “free form” gal, these brushes only work one way due to their heaviness and curved handle (bends a bit if you’re not light handed)– in other words you must start from the center of your face and drag out towards your hairline, stipples and circular blends are a no go. Speaking of circular blends, when I was using the Handle B-C brush I noticed it was very difficult to evenly blend, patchy product was left behind, but when I switched to the smaller Handle D the airbrushed effect followed! You must work with liquids, or creamy creams and pay CLOSE attention to the brush purposes, otherwise you’ll end up in my boat with the misunderstanding….WOOPS :).

While you might be under the impression my review is not quite up to par with most, I am here to say these deserve a solid 8.5 rating out of 10! Why you might ask? Not only did they get the job done in an effortless 20 minutes (full face, eye makeup), my hand was not strained from the weight (a fear of mine) and the products lasted 5 hours before wearing down on my skin. In case you were unaware, the way you APPLY makeup can effect wear-time! Take a peak at the photo provided to the left, you shall see Handle I in full blown action applying tuff to handle Liquid Lipsticks by both Anastasia Beverly Hills and Colourpop Cosmetics. These are not exactly brushes I’d reach for everyday, however they make a beautiful display, if you buy the brush canister, and in a pinch apply photo ready makeup! Let’s face it not many apply makeup like supermodels daily, so is it practical for the average beauty? Nah…but true beauty lovers at heart?! HELL YES. Hope you beauties enjoyed this review, click here for the makeup tutorial coinciding this blog post :)!


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