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My Natural Laundry Detergent Experiment 2018 | Lillee Jean beauty

        Trying to go completely cruelty-free is one thing, but using natural products is another. Last week I decided to run a test with my own homemade detergent! As we know, a good majority of clothing detergents are tested on animals. Detergent can also contain thousands of hazardous chemicals and tons of synthetic fragrances!! I am a SUPER sensitive person, thus I find myself using baby formulas nowadays. This being said, I AM ALWAYS looking for holistic alternatives, and about a week ago,  I found an article online about mixing washing soda with apple cider vinegar and lemon oil, which seemed easy enough! The project came out roughly to $30.00, however, the washing soda bag is HUGE, so I made an exception for that. Plus ACV and lemon oil have a multitude of alternate purposes.

For my first load, I mixed the washing soda in a tiny mug with some ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), and lemon oil.


The recipe

1. 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar (disinfectant)

2. 1 cup Washing Soda

3. 1/4 cup Lemon Oil (disinfectant)

(I AM SUUUCH a bad butterfly chemist. UGH! I am one who can make an amazing lemon chicken soup, then make it different every time I serve it. This is a downfall in ANY experiment, so please excuse this and know results might be inconclusive due to my silly Lillee’ness!)

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The experiment (observations/process)

Load 1: For the first load, I washed two pillows! You know, the tiny ones that are decorative at the end of beds! I made my mixture and popped it in the washer, then I popped both pillows in the dyer. The pillows didn’t really smell like much, but I did praise the Lord that the ACV overbearing scent didn’t linger on the fabric. Once the pillows dried they seemed clean and had no oily residue or lingering scent.

Load 2: This load was focused on underwear and tops. Tiny items, really, but a bigger load than before! I was nervous the “natural” recipe would not work as underwear is uh…smelly, so I added more lemon oil. I KNOW, bad move as it’s not a cohesive experiment. I put the mixture in, washed and dried the clothes and they felt CLEAN. I even smelt the crotch areas to check, hehe! Unfortunately, they did smell like citrus, which isn’t delightful, but better than ACV, right ;)? No vaginal irritations occurred!

Load 3: Towels! Towels are hard to clean because you want them to be sanitized, especially hand towels used for the face. I made my mixture and put the towels in the wash, as well as in the drier. They had a lemon scent, but smelled clean! I do not use dryer sheets (breaks me out in hives, even natural ones), so they didn’t necessarily feel soft, but clean. There also was zero static, which I read up that ACV is amazing for static free items!

Load 4: T-shirts. I mixed the materials together, put the item’s in the wash, then in the drier. My clothes were static free, but not divine smelling. They just…smelled like a mixture of ACV and lemon…weird scent. I don’t know if this is worth $20 dollars minus the washing soda (you get SUCH a big bag) to spend monthly. I’m not overly impressed.


How I felt during the experiment!

        Like anything in life you must TRY, this way you KNOW! While the mixture of ACV, washing soda and lemon did work as natural disinfectants, it’s just not cost-effective in the long run, considering how I perceive scent. For example, the ACV leaves a slight smell to clothes, thus it’s imperative to add some sort of essential oil. I chose lemon because it naturally CLEANS. This was my mistake because I don’t like citrusy-smelling clothes or people. I did notice if you leave washed items in the sunlight the scent dissipates, but honestly, this is A LOT of work when I didn’t notice much of an improvement for my skin (highly allergic). Yes, your skin is like a huge organ of the body, that absorbs, but perhaps if I gave this another shot, I’d work out (lavender oil perhaps).

         For now, this, in my opinion, this is not worth it, unless you have a few extra pennies to spend, and even baby detergent is giving you hives. The only upside is ACV has many uses (facial toner, although too strong for my skin even diluted…digestible for immune boost ect.), however, the downside is I used 1 full bottle, but mind you that’s for 4 loads! As for the lemon oil, I wasn’t expecting to use as much as I did, however, it’s just not a pleasing scent. ONWARD WE GO! Will you love’s be trying this out?


Where I read up on this: https://www.thehairshaman.com/symbolism/holistic-tonics/apple-cider-vinegar-laundry-detergent/

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