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My Skincare Routine 2018

Skincare is a funny thing. Some things work, some things don’t. What I do know for sure is what works for me, and that’s rather important since I’m SUPER sensitive. That means no fragrances and no icky chemicals. I also strictly prefer brands that are cruelty-free, because purrbabies are just as important as human beings! Anyhow, this is my 2018 skincare routine, that I am sharing with you #jeaniez. Enjoy and feel free to share xo!

My Skin Type:

My skin type is sensitive and freakin’ hormonal. I can be oily one day, then like the Sahara another. Thus, I am VERY VERY VERY (very) picky about my products! Please note I am not a doctor, nor a skincare expert, I am Lillee Jean, and I am simply sharing with you love’s products that work for MY skin type. Generally, they are natural, so there shouldn’t be adverse reactions, but people are people, and skin is skin.


Washing, and foaming up with Clean Bee!

https://www.instagram.com/p/BmY5YAgH84t/?tagged=lilleejean IGTV using product

Want to know a secret? I actually never washed my skin with a cleanser before, at least religiously. Now being 17, I realize, “hey, a cleanser washes off the goop from being outside, and even as simple as just waking up.” Not sure if you love’s know but with pollution, the air quality is not so great. That being said, my favorite cleanser is by Farmacy Beauty, it’s called “CLEAN BEE“. This cleanser is formulated with honey and cuts out on the artificial ingridents. It’s like a morning splash of honey kissies on the skin! No greasy residue, just a CLEAN feeling.


Ahh…moisturizers. Alright, here is the deal. I actually am an oil type of gal. Creams are great for mature skin, but I tend to aim for essential oil mixtures to keep my texture plump, and to keep my skin breakout free! MY SECRET? A little grapeseed oil, with lavender oil, and bah-boom, you have the perfect “day oil”. The grapeseed is a LIGHT carrier oil, that helps plump and moisturize the skin, while lavender oil helps soothe and take down redness.

See my Essential Oils post here: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/green/top-3-essential-oils/

Do You Even MASK?!

Ok…yes I use masks! I am a BIG mask lover, especially since I have so much on my mind ALL THE TIME. Relaxing back with a nice gel, or clay is always much obliged. Some of my favorites to interchange 1 to 2 times a week include 100% Pure’s Gel Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask, Farmacy’s Coconut Gel Sheet Mask (quickies on the go), and Farmacy’s Vita Bright Mask. One works to rejuvenate the skin, and lock in moisture, while the other helps to purify, and brighten! Vitamin C does that, hehe!

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Nighttime Fun!

During the day oils are light, but at night (oh my gosh, that rhymed), I like to go a bit heavier! For example, I interchange Drunk Elephant’s Sukari BabyFacial (AHA BHA), with Farmacy’s Honeymoon Glow (AHA BHA). Both are meant to be used at nighttime, so as you sleep the product absorbs in! AHA, and BHA’s work to exfoliate softly, while also moisturizing the skin.


Yes, even on cloudy days you can BURN! Now, I freckle, I don’t burn, and freckling everywhere is not my goal. Some mineral sunscreens I swap in and out include Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30; C’est Moi Mineral Sunscreen. These work beautifully on the skin without causing breakouts. Be sure to check out my post on mineral VS chemical sunscreen here: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/skin-care/sunscreen-101-for-sensitive-skin/

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