• Lillee Jean

Naturally Smokey Everyday Makeup Look

Are you tired of poppin’ out the falsies, and doing a full faced routine that just doesn’t meet your needs, nor expectations? IF perhaps you desire a makeup look inspired by natural effects, with hints of smokeyness riddled with light roses’ and smokey taupes, thennnnn you’ve met your destination. This look will give you that “barely there” effect, WHILE still perfecting your complexion, and making you look of course, ultra sexy! I myself after discovering the method of mixing (don’t laugh), have really explored makeup in the ways of having fun with it, and not just doing stuff to well…do it. This look in particular has branched me out, because I was able to apply a custom highlight in specific spots, along with being able to toy with cream shadows, which is something I’ve never done! Creams really give a dimensional look, when used correctly. Cutting down the gibber, think Victoria’s Secret, with a more wearable, less bronzy twist! This is perfect for everyday wears, and this look also is perfect for when you need a quick “pick me up”. Not sure what it is, but lately I’ve been digging the “ME” effect. Remember, makeup is something one should have fun with, and something one should use to enhance, or to make art with. Makeup shouldn’t be a drag, nor a routine my loves! If it is, you’re doin’ it WRONG.

Lastly, you can switch things up by defining the brows, perhaps adding a more intensive cream shadow, or even changing the lip color to your liking! I personally mixed something that would be 2 shades deeper than my natural lip color, with a rosier hue, since my lips are a pinkish red. However, don’t let things such as what was mentioned above pull you back! If you dare to wear a vivid red, or even a bold blue, GO FOR IT. Be you :)! I applied the mixture with a frayed Mac 217 brush, this way it wouldn’t be necessarily matte, it would be a light dusting of color. Do be noted, in a different sense, I was pretty SHOCKED at how amazing L’Oreal’s Voluminous Carbon Black mascara is. L’Oreal is a fabulous brand, but seeing as though the Carbon Black mascara it’s not quite as hyped as their other products, I was pulled back by the results. Full volume, instant definition, and lot’s of WOW! It even lasted 5 hours before fading off, or even smudging against my dewy foundation. Money well spent!

Foundation, and highlight is a custom blend

Equal parts of coconut oil, highlighter, and pigment

(everyone is different, I made my foundation

for my skin type, and my skin tone)

Lipstick is a custom blend of…

Dose Of Colors – Matte Liquid Lipstick: Bare With Me, Truffle

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Velour Liquid Lipstick, Unicorn Blood

Morphe Brushes – Cream Eyeshadow, Slick

Laura Mercier – Caviar Stick Eye Color:

Rose Gold (inner corners), Cocoa (lower lashes, waterlines)

L’Oreal Makeup – Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara


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