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Lillee Jean Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Perfector SPF 30 Pearl Review 2019

Hey there Jeaniez! Today I test demo’d a whole lotta Laura Mercier items, including the new Tinted Moisturizer, reformulated! The key points here are the product is $1.00 more, has more SPF, and has more “skin-loving” ingredients. Below you will find a first impression and review of the product, along with the Radiance Primer, which I used as a face base, on only ONE side of my face, to see if it made any difference.

Truth be told, I actually was shocked by the Tinted Moisturizer! The finish is creamy, and smooth, and truly did glide over dry patches I might have had. In other words, the formula did NOT emphasize any patches, which was an epic start. The color Pearl is a good neutral match, although it did oxidize a SUPER TINY bit — nothing extreme. Think, from pale to a bit yellow. I found that after 2 hours of wear, and during a ton of talking for other videos I recorded, the product did crease in expression lines. Around my forehead, between my eyebrows, and my smile lines, there was creasing, which I find weird for a tinted product.

The good news is somehow my skin still looked like “skin”, and “movable”, if that makes sense. I feel the product is hydrating, not necessarily dewy on my skin. Even some of my freckles shined through! One major pullback is you will need concealer with this — it DOES NOT cover even the tiniest bit of redness…you’d have to have near-flawless skin, to begin with. Even with the Radiance Primer which bunched up on me…it was sheer. I had to use my Laura Mercier Fusion Concealer in 1N, which did the trick, and looked so flawless, but the point is there was no coverage.

Lillee Jean Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Perfector SPF 30 Pearl Review 2019


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