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5 Makeup Resolutions To Switch Up Your Signature Makeup Look in the New Year 2022 | Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean Beauty
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New Year, new makeup goals! Feeling stuck with your daily routine of the same nude lip, same blush, or even things you'd like to improve on, but never have? Now is the time to switch it up! Making simple changes can have the most lasting effect, as you'll always wind up staying true to your goals. With the owner of Lillee Jean Beauty, Lillee Jean, below are detailed, several ways to amplify your signature look in the new year. It's about feeling like you, but, enhanced.

Tip #1 - Skincare-infused makeup


Pay attention to skincare-infused makeup since it will improve your skin's appearance over time, including the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles.

Tip #2 - Prioritize Natural Beauty

Prioritize Natural Beauty - Lillee Jean Beauty
Prioritize Natural Beauty - Lillee Jean Beauty

It is important to focus on enhancing your own natural beauty rather than covering it up all the time. It can be achieved, for instance, by using tinted moisturizers that benefit the skin, by using complementary shades, and by focusing on what looks good on you instead of following every trend.

"A person with a different eye shape or face shape than you is unlikely to fit in the mold you are in." - Lillee Jean

Tip #3 - Don't touch!


Another good tip is don’t touch your face! This should be avoided, as it spreads bacteria and also gives your face a cakey look. Makeup can be refreshed with a setting spray, or a facial mist, so you don't have to touch your skin as much.

Tip #4 - Makeup Tool Cleanliness

Lillee Jean Beauty
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Having a great makeup look is largely dependent on the tools you use. Your tools should always be cleaned and replaced every year. Make sure your brushes are sanitized and your sponges are rotated to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Tip #5 - Invest in Environmentally Friendly Products

Lillee Jean Beauty
Ika Dam - Upsplash

Additionally, adding environmentally friendly products to your collection is a great way to enhance it. Investing in green or sustainable products not only benefits the planet but also promotes small businesses, and the ingredients are often of higher quality.

Tip #6 - Eyebrow Sisters

Lillee Jean's Caramel Sultry Eyeshadow
Lillee Jean's Caramel Sultry Eyeshadow

Finally, and most importantly, make sure your eyebrows look like sisters, not twins! Eyebrows create harmony to the face, which creates a golden ratio. You can define your brows by taking your pencil and pointing diagonally from the tip of your nose to the inner part of your brow, then moving it for an arch and you'll have a perfect brow every time!


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