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Orange Warmth W/ a Pop of Blue Spring Makeup Look

Oranges, yellows, reds, and sometimes even shades of blue are a combination of my favorite colors to work with! They perfectly mold to the season at hand and can spice up even the coolest of complexions. With that all being said, for today, I decided to rock what I’d like to call “Orange Warmth”, which essentially is splashes of orange, with a Springy twist of blue on the waterlines! This contrasting color combination brightens up the orange tones in the eye makeup, and brings out the natural flush in cheeks (especially if you’re neutral to warm), while the blue acts as an additive for the orange to “melt” into the complexion, rather sit and be predominantly vibrant. Speaking of vibrancy, I kept the saturation of each color used down, just because Spring to me is NOT about being bold, it’s about being effortless, dainty, light, warm, and sunlit! Of course, if you feel the need to turn up the vibrancy, be my guest :).

Shea Moisture – 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Foundation is a custom blend, I produced

2 parts of coconut oil, and foundation pigment.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Pallet, Realgar

Realgar was used with a bit of coconut oil to achieve a diluted, and pouty orange lip!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade, Ash Brown

YEAH, not my color, but I did a quick removal on a previous

makeup look, and the brow color just sorta’ stayed! Ash Brown surprised me,

however, since it leaned much WARMER than cool.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Pallet:

Realgar (smoked from the lower lash lines, up into the crease),

Burnt Orange (used to softly transition all the shades together; also applied to the lids)

L.A. Girl Cosmetics – Color Expert Intense & Wildly Fun, Deep Blue Shade (waterlines)

Try to stick with blue’s that shift a bit on the purple side. Anything teal will work, too. PURE blues have a stronger contrast, so do plan ahead which type of color combo you’d fancy!

*Soft orange w/ a moderate smokey blue will lean Springy and more wearable.

*Vivid orange w/ a vivid pigment blue will be a powerful combination, but not too wearable.

*Burnt Orange w/ a teal blue will be more on the Summer side, however manageable when we talk about wearability!

*Reddish Orange w/ a soft blue would be Summery, and super cute if you have lighter hair!

Ciate London – Wonderwand Mascara

Huda Beauty – Classic False Lashes, Sasha

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