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Peaches & Cream Matte Wearable Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Generally speaking, good hygiene is KEY to any well done makeup look, however when us women and men under-come the slightest of breakouts, especially beauty mavens…lightly said, WE FREAK THE HECK OUT! Freaking “the heck” out is one of the WORST things one could do as it’ll irk on further irritations and impurities to one’s skin– just like with letting go of old luck, learn to relax, take a step back and assess what is going on beforehand, even if it means altering your current usage of products for the moment! Being I had a slight reaction to the toner used on my hair I decided to opt in for a relaxing acne fighting mask, specifically the Perfectly Posh Stay Gold Face Mask. With active ingredients such as milk, turmeric, and honey this bad boy leaves not only a brighter complexion, but one that glows! Though it is recommend for this mask to lay dormant a good 5 minutes, I let it sit an extra 10 minutes– from this point forth you can either use a moisturizer/oil of choice or move straight along to the priming stage, I tried to use the LEAST amount of products as possible thus a facial oil was a no-go today. Moving along, enough with the blabber onto the bulk of our look for today! Just as always I chose my Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base simply because this fast absorbing cream smooths right in for a seamless makeup application EACH and every time. As a preference point, I enjoy dipping my finger into the jar of primer then from there dash the remaining bits across all zones of my face, focused on the high points as this saves product! Once I had my desired dashed placement set, I followed through with gently moisturizing the product in starting from the center of my face going out towards my hairline using my two cleaned fingers (ring finger and middle finger). Oooh boy, I haven’t used my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Foundation in quite some time! I’m really into that “my skin but better” appearance lately SO using a pump of the MUFE foundation precisely placed onto the center of my hand, I took a Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer and proceeded to gently stippling the silky formula onto my skin starting from my left cheek moving clockwise up to my forehead. Within two coatings of the foundation my skin looked instantly perfected with a few blemishes peaking through, to fix this I applied Revlon’s Photoready Insta-Fix Contour (I used it as a highlight/concealer) Stick in Nude–the thick cream was dashed straight from the stick onto any imperfections as well as on highlighting zones (under eyes, jawline, chin), for blending purposes I picked up my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and gently pricked the brush against my skin to start up my “beating” process until I worked up into a full stippling pattern :).

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First off, beauties please take a peak at my Dewy Fresh Faced Coral Everyday Spring Makeup Tutorial! The eye makeup presented there CLOSLY resembles our eye makeup look today, only difference is it tis’ more neutral in tone. Anyhow, first things first is the brows! New hair color calls for a new brow shade, so I transitioned into Anastasia Beverly Hills “Auburn” from their popular Brow Definer pencil line. Concisely said, I first spoolied through both brows then began gently filling in each eyebrow with GENTLE strokes until I had a nicely defined arch! Once I had my brows completed I moved along to the priming stage, for some reason I ALWAYS gravitate towards my Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Bone when it comes to bright peach toned looks…odd, I know. Anyhow, using my ring finger in which as freshly washed off prior, I dipped into the cream shadow and moved forth in smudging the product onto both my eyelids, I blended excess up toward my brow bones and around to my lower lash lines! Interestingly the eyeshadows at hand are SUPER simple to manipulate and work with, in fact beginners this is your day hehe. Using my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender I first began with working on my crease, keep in mind light shades fade easily thus it’s smarter to work backwards! Going into shade 2 from Milani’s Everyday Eyeshadow Pallet, I began softly blending it into the creasing of my eye socket using side to side blending motions MAKING SURE to alternate into gentle circular motions when it came to the outer third of my lid. To begin adding depth, color, and drama, I switched to my M433 Morphe Brush and VERY gently smudged Razzleberry by Makeup Geek into the inner third of my lid with very light pressurized side to side motions!

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