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Perfectly Posh Skin Care and Bath Products Review (face masks, sugar scrubs, makeup remover)

                        This blog post has been much anticipated for by a TON of you, how do I know this? Well about 4 of you were asking millions of questions about products such as the makeup remover, PLEAASE contact Leyna about this information she will reply within minutes! I am not as knowledgable about the products as she is, however all I can do is review and tell you lovies about my experiences :). First off, this originally all came about due to my Instagram posting featuring “Lillee’s Joker Removal”– basically I had smudged red lipstick and panda black eyes, not cute!  As a result numerous representatives and consultants from companies gave me a message trying to moreover sell their product, one seller stood out to me, and that happens to be the now infamous Leyna Kee.  Not only was she HONEST about the products in terms of what could occur to my skin and ways to fix those mishaps, she hand picked a skin care package AND bath package for me too not only improve my skin on the spot, but for the long term!  Now, I know I did a bit of hero worship for her on my previous blog post (which you should def check out hehe), but I feel it is much needed as she has sat through my 500 questions of “ARE YOU SURE IT WONT MAKE ME BREAK OUT AHHH?!” and still kept up with a sweet and kind mentality.

                           Lately I have been getting horrible break outs as well as what I used to think clogged pores full of makeup! Naturally, I began pulling back on the makeup application until I realized…”wait, that’s not makeup…what are this hard crystallized beads?”.  So it happens, the very skin care products I have been using for years such as my Fresh Rose Mask, or my Bath and Body Works Sugar Scrubs WERE CLOGGING MY PORES, literally dissolving right under my skin which caused a serious reaction of bump-age everywhere! In the midst of all of this I also had some seriously dried lips, which is SO not me, it could possibly be due to the massive amounts of ski care products I was using due to being freaked out, but I highly doubt it.  One major key factor I think a lot of you lovies will enjoy and feel comfort in knowing is Perfectly Posh DOES NOT test on animals AND IS VEGAN, what you get is pure and not fake!  Did you know some of these brands use plastic micro-beads and in some cases Petroleum (paraffins)? Not only is this TERRIBLE for the planet, but why in the world would you want to rub such harsh substances across your skin?  The better alternative as I was speaking to Leyna about is Chia seeds, they’re natural, get to the root of the problem, and hydrate! As being someone who was pre-diabetic I prefer going the natural rout with all my goodies anyway.

Here is just an image showing you loved what the Apricots Overnight looks like on! At first it appears like a thick white zesty cream but after you apply it the product begins to “moisten” up, DO NOT touch your skin during this process because IT WILL flake, in the essence of the product “rolling” up. Compared to my high end brand masks this def felt light weight (some masks feel very heavy) AND it did not clog my pores, some masks have a tendency to do exactly what they’re trying to prevent! OHH AND LASTLY, my skin was not burning during the 7 hour treatment on, at first when you put the mask on it will feel a bit tangy, but after a good 5 minutes your face will soften up to the product…it was nice sleeping with this on, you’ll smell like a fruit bowl, but who wouldn’t wanna smell like that especially smelling that aroma while sleeping!?

                        Moving along to the next aspect which is the makeup remover, the very thing that started the band wagon! I AM VERY cautious when it comes to makeup remover for the very fact most brands either dry my skin out WAY too much or cause acne, the Olive My Love face cleanser is such a perfect makeup remover for me, it’s not even funny! Although this IS marketed as a gentle face cleanser, it works just as good to remove makeup, just as I demonstrated in my review video. The three key oils used in the remover are Avocado oil, Olive Oil, and Lavender Oil–as you might of guessed, yes this cleanser, or in my case remover, smells delectable AND is calming to the senses! I prefer multi-skin care benefits, so while this is removing my makeup it also is hydrating and detoxifying my pores at the same time, two things most of us beauties need in our lives, amirite?  At first I was quite nervous on using this because oil’s tend to leave filmy residue behind, boy was I wrong!  The oils simply help to cleanse, they’re not dense and they lightly dust away product like it was never there.  This can also be used as a Friday pick me up when you want to go alllllll out on the skin care regime!  *When you scroll down to the ending of this post, be sure to click the YouTube embedded video, if you skip to around 6 minutes you’ll find the makeup removal section in which I lively demonstrate how to use the product efficiently. *

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