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Perfectly Posh Skin Care and Bath Products Review PART 2 (face masks, shave gels, moisturizers, hair

I hope all of you beauties had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and Memorial Day! Being I posted my original Perfectly Posh review on the first of May, I felt it was only fair to do the same with part two, except the change is it is now the first of June. As many of you know throughout the course of a month my skin has been through mannnnnny ups and downs! From horrid dry patches to hormonal acne and hives, it tis’ been a trip, however Perfectly Posh has saved me, literally. Honestly speaking with the raving put aside, each product has PROVEN it’s worth to me, and so has Leyna Kee, a beautiful and eloquent consultant for the brand! Although she has given me full sized products (aren’t I lucky hehe) for reviewing purposes, I have gone out on my own to purchase a few items for myself that include the Strawberry Fields Forever Chunk Soap, and Hairy Beast Shave Gel— point is you can trust my word, I never sugar coat the truth. One thing I will ask of you love bunnies before diving fully into the products received, and once more purchased, is to ONLY PURCHASE THROUGH THIS LINK, you’ll receive rewards this way if you for example have 400 points you can actually purchase a product worth 400 points (cool, I know): http://leynakee.po.sh.

What exactly IS Perfectly Posh? Simply put they’re a company that produces cruelty free, some vegan, products in the United States and caters to the masses in terms of pampering :)! Something I say in EVERY blog post goes along the lines of, “know your products, and your skin inside and out”, and I truly do mean this. Using the best of ingredients, natural substances found on the Earth, not only protects the acid mantel (many foamy cleansers ruin the acid mantel and wear it down) of one’s skin, but overall improves one’s being! For example, did you know MANY high end cleansers contain sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, and alcohols? I can assure you Perfectly Posh products steer clear of these harmful substances, each of which dry the skin out and rid it of natural oil’s that are much needed. Going back to how Perfectly Posh has revolutionized my skin care routine, and skin for that matter, I strongly feel there is a product for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin that react to EVERYTHING, yoo-hoo that’d be me! Oooh also, my cuties there shall be a giveaway coming mid-June with some poshy products, be sure to follow myself, @thaeyeballqueen, for updates.

WELP this is now officially the end of the Perfectly Posh Skin Care and Bath Products Part 2 review, sad I know. Sadness in the makeup and beauty word leads to shopping…which honestly sounds PRETTY DAMN GOOD right now! Be sure to ONLY purchase through Leyna’s consultant link. Why? She not only receives benefits of herself to become a top consultant, you as the buyer reap rewards and get the chance to be apart of events her and I collaborate on :). When you purchase, or if you parooze around be sure to tell her thaeyeballqueen, or Lillee sent you!


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