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Photo Series: How to Find Your Best Selfie Angle

Six years later, and the “selfie” trend still is standing strong, but what makes a good selfie? Is it what all bloggers say, the lighting, or is it a whole production of things feeding into one concept? After realizing many of you love bunnies comment things particular to my angles, I felt a photo series sharing my findings would be beneficial to you cuties. Down below I am featuring a simple makeup look, this way focus is truly on the pose, and I am depicting a series of FOUR basic angles! Side, down, shoulder and up. Please be aware these are angles I tend to use — not every one of em’ will be flattering for every person, but it can express an idea of how to hold yourself in front of the lens! For example, a simple frontal shot can be made 10X better by holding your head either down, with your eyes looking up, or by holding your head down with your eyes looking straight, or in a natural stance. Obviously speaking, angles are how you perceive them and I personally feel all photos I took were of quality, but a true “SELFIE” is simple, to the point, and is really just a headshot.

Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, or saturation enhancement. Any information I share from this series should be taken as my OWN experiences developed through the times! Nothing was influenced, nor perfected through professionals. If you cite my work, in anyway, be sure to list correct regards.


Look: Florescent Fluorite Alien

This pose is best for…

Oval face shapes/ Heart face shapes/ Diamond face shapes — It emphasizes the long swan like features.

If you have these face shapes…

Square — With such a beautifully pronounced jawline, emphasize it! Instead of a graceful look upwards, why not change it up with a gaze to the left with a slight shoulder twinge upwards? Or perhaps a more SIDE profile effect.

Round — While this pose can be slimming, watch out for it causing too much of a round effect on your cheeks. Play around in the mirror for a few minutes before snapping some shots! No-one gets the perfect image on the first try.

Oblong and Triangle — To bring out your angular face, while lifting your chin, make sure it aligns with the center of your neck. This pose brings out the cheekbones well, own the pose!


Look: Glamorous Matte & Metallic Smokey Eye

This pose is best for…

Oval face shapes/ Heart face shapes / Diamond face shapes/ Round face shapes/ Oblong and Triangle face shapes/ Square face shapes — It emphasizes EVERY one’s face shape well, and creates a sultry effect since the main focal point should be one’s eyes. Round faced beauties, check this pose out, it’ll bring out ANY angles you have on your face, even the slightest of cheek hollowing!


Look: Fruity Green and Peach

This pose is best for…

Oval face shapes/ Heart face shapes / Diamond face shapes/ Round face shapes/ Oblong and Triangle face shapes — It emphasizes MOST face shapes well, but for those with a bit more of angular structure it can make the overall appearance less feminine. To combat this try working with your shoulders by lifting them up, twisting, and even switching sides to one you’re less comfortable with. It takes time to master, but in the long run works as a back up if you’re having a horrible selfie day!


You’ve probably been told to NEVER hold the camera down…but what if you want to? What if holding the camera sky high just doesn’t fit your face at all? WHAT IF, this angle actually has more behind it than most are aware of. Now, one tip is to NOT look directly down towards the camera, rather bringing the camera onto your level, sink onto the camera level! How? LOOK DOWN, and move your chin down to fool the camera as to thinking its a full frontal at a decent level. This can be quite unflattering to people with bulkier faces and shorter necks, but as with the shoulder pose, it’s something to keep in the back of your head! As you can see, in this photo while bringing the camera down below, I changed up my shoulder stance and brought my head downwards to create sensual vibes, and too fool the camera into believing I actually was holding it normally.

Look: Sultry Dark Silver and Gradient Purple Smokey Eye

This pose is best for…

Oval face shapes/ Heart face shapes / Diamond face shapes/ Round face shapes/ Oblong and Triangle face shapes — Any face shape can pull off this imagery, but one should be cautious with factors of looking heavier, and much bulkier.

Please be aware lighting, and photo editing will be two SEPARATE blog posts from this one! I feel both concepts are very important into create that “it” photo, and very important into influencing a new round up of ideas. If you have the right angle, the right lighting, and the RIGHT makeup on, editing should not be an extensive process! Hope you loves enjoyed, and hopefully I helped ya’ out a bit, XOXO, your Lilz.


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