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Lillee Jean 2015 Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

Lillee Jean 2015 Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial
Lillee Jean 2015 Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

Lillee Jean 2015 Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial
Lillee Jean 2015 Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

Hey beauties!

Today I had the fabulous idea of

doing a Poison Ivy inspired makeup look! A few years back I had done a similar look andddd I ended up looking like a peacock. I will be showing you guys the before photos at the end! Keep in mind I also did an Elsa makeup tutorial two weeks ago that is perfect for Halloween!

As you can see in this look I overloaded on the pigments and glitter, but in the end it was worth it! Before I get into details I will tell you this much- start with clean brushes, have glitter glue prepared, and lots of multi dimensional glitters! Also, for the neck shading I used the same technique of stippling on the glitter glue and using my fingers to disperse the shades.

ALSO this is my interpretation of Poison Ivy meaning, you can alter any part of this look. Hell, you could be surf blue if you want!

Before going onto any primers I applied a facial mask, specifically Origins Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay. This is a spectacular product because when it is finally dry and you’re ready to wash it off, the texture transforms into a foamy scrub. Unlike my other posts I am emphasizing on the part of exfoliating and moisturizing before BECAUSE the glitter will cling to any dry patches- not a pretty look. To moisturize I applied Shiseido Refining Moisturizer IBUKI , and in any SUPER dry areas I lightly patted on Josie Maran 100% Light Argan Oil.

NOW that your face is freshly washed you should let the moisturizers set for five minutes before moving onto a primer.

*Hourglass N28 Primer Serum

In my eyes, Poison Ivy must have dewy skin. This is where the Hourglass primer comes in handy! Not only does it create a protective hydrating barrier from environmental factor it forms such a unique dewyness I have yet to find with other primers. Just as we had done with the moisturizer allow the primer to sit for five minutes.

*Marc Jacobs Genius Gel- 14 Ivory Medium

Following the dewy trend, I applied two pumps over my entire face with a dampened beauty blender. I made sure to apply thin coats because much more will be added later. As I grabbed my highlighting and contour kit I allowed the foundation to set for two minutes!

*Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Concealer– 1 Awake

As I said before, I didn’t go concealer happy. Instead I used this shade to highlight my under eye area as it provides a nice luminous effect to my skin. I blended this in with a Beauty Blender!

*Marc Jacobs Perfection Powder- 200 Ivory Bisque

To set the concealer I lightly tapped this on-top with the same Beauty Blender. This process just provides more coverage and combats an “oily” appearance!

*Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer

This bronzer is SUPER glittery, so it fits the occasion perfectly. I applied this to the outside contours of my face with a Nars #21 brush. This sheds warmth back into my face that was lost from contouring!

*KVD Shade&Light Contour Pallet– Subconscious, Lyric, Sombre

While it doesn’t seem I did an intense contour in more ways that one I did! I used the Tarte Swirl Powder brush and first placed sombre right on the sides of my nose, hollows of my cheeks, and under my jaw. After placing sombre in these areas, I gently picked Subconscious and tapped off access powder. For a more defined look I applied Subconscious in the same areas as Sombre with the only difference of moving a couple of inches down for more natural effect. Lastly, using a Sephora #74 brush I applied Lyric under my eye in an upside down triangle shape, on the bridge of my nose, on my forehead, and on my chin!

*Benefit Dandelion Blush

I heavily applied this stuff because IT HAS NO PIGMENT. Why I bought this? No clue. Actually I have a review on the product here, so you might want to check that out as I provided swatches. Moreover, I used a dense Sephora Multi-Tasker Powder Brush and went to blush city. I went for a sheer blush because any other colors would take away from the colored glitter!

*Urban Decay Naked Illuminated– Luminous

This has to be one of the most beautiful highlighters EVER. It is super glittery so I made sure to first apply a sticky base (ELF Shimmering Facial Whip). I used my index finger to heavily apply this shade to my cheek bones. I skipped out on applying it to my nose and forehead because I let the facial whip do the rest of the work.

*ELF Shimmering Facial Whip– Spotlight

Before applying the UD illuminator I applied this to my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my chin, and lastly, my forehead. I used my fingers for this part because the whip is very thick making it almost impossible to use a brush!


BTW I AM SO MAD (note the caps). This stuff is almost on its way of running out and its been only a month!!!! I think my travel size lasted longer. Hmpf. What saves this product is it actually does keep makeup in place.

Lillee Jean 2015 Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial
Lillee Jean 2015 Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

Lillee Jean 2015 Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial
Lillee Jean 2015 Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

Using Sugarpills pigment in Mint Soda I took Sephora’s Teardrop Highlighter brush and swept this in a C shape surrounding my eye- almost like I am applying a luminizer. I dragged the shade up to my forehead slightly for a “spread” out effect! With the same pigment and brush, I took the pigment onto my collar bones! All I did was brush the shade in random areas on my chest+collar bones.

As you can see from the photos I also created depth with a darker green! To create the depth I used Peacock by Mac and outlined my collar bones with a Mini Sephora fan brush. I literally swept this a few times where shadows naturally hit my collar bones and proceeded in creating definition on my neck as well. While moving up the neck I continued making random splashes of Mint Soda.


By patting on the shades it holds the glitter, and obviously we want the charm bomb to explode with this look.

I used two major glitters- MUFE #3 Glitter and OCC Mint Glitter. ALSO KEEP IN MIND TOO FACED GITTER GLUE


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