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PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean
PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean
PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

*Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer

*Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation, Dynamic

*Cover Fx Cream Foundation, N100+N0

*Too Faced Bronzer, Snow Bunny

*Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powders, Mirage Filter

*Mac Relaxation Cream Color

*Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana

*Bh Cosmetics Wild & Radiant, shade 2

*Makeup Forever Matte Setting Powder, #12

*Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

*Dose of Colors Lipstick, Seductive

It’s so interesting viewing the evolution of myself. I went from tons of skin care regiments to splashing hot water on my skin and going from there, and ironically enough the minimalistic approach works much better for my sensitive skin! Prior to this makeup look, last night I actually gave myself a Vaseline mask. In my findings the Vaseline helps to shrink pores instantly as well as hydrate pesky dry patches, honestly the petroleum jelly has saved my life. With that being said, not much was needed this morning so I simply splashed on hot water to my face, patted it dry with a clean towel, and applied a light layer of my beloved Fresh Seaberry Oil to all zones of my face! After doing so I then dashed on Natasha Denona’s Face Glow Hydrating Primer to the high points of my face (tops of cheeks, center of forehead/nose/chin), this saves product and gives me a good guide on where to disburse the product. Once I had the placement set I began blending in the primer with smooth dragging motions, most of the product was situated out towards my hairline and concentrated evenly on the center of my face to ensure optimal results would be achieved! Generally you should allow your primer to set anywhere from 4-6 minutes, I was soooooo eager to try out the Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation I totally skipped that step. The sample version of this gives a hefty amount of product- most foundation samples give perhaps 2 applications of product, this on the other hand gives a full week’s worth if you only use one pump! I happened to use two pumps just to test out the coverage and see how well it would hold up if I built up pigment. With my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush and once more, two pumps of foundation, I took a tiny amount onto the bristles of my MJ brush and gently stippled it onto my left cheek, specifically under my eye area while swiftly blending onto the side of my nose! This has the most incredible scent, not too strong but just enough to say “HOT DAMN”. I was super appreciative of the fact the foundation was easy to blend as well, some are very tough and creamy, on the flip side of things the Vibrancy foundation was smooth and very hydrating to my skin! You guy’s should definitely get a sampler of this from Sephora, no regrets mate.

PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean
PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

Next up is adding a bronzy glow, without turning into a bronze goddess. The idea here is to mimic the pink tones that will be riddled all throughout the makeup look, in other words having a bronzer with a built in blush is best fit for this look! Besides, Blossom is a peachy keen jelly bean, you cannot have her looking flat, brightness and vibrancy is key. Using the Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer and my Mac 168 brush, I gently brushed on the product starting from the temples of my face blended down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to the sharpness of my jaw line! These are basic area’s the sun hits sans the nose– if you’re using a matter bronzer you can go straight ahead to bronzing the sides of your nose, I just find the gradience of light-dark most natural when it comes to contouring/bronzing the face. Speaking of contouring, to set the cream contour fully and add some definition back, I took the dark bronze powder from the Marc Jacobs #instamarc pallet and swirled it across the hollows of my cheeks + sides of my nose, this just gave a nice shift in color and added some drama to my face! Right after the contour I then went into my Mac Relaxation Cream Color and stippled it across my cheeks starting from the apples up to my hairline using a Elf Ultimate Blending Brush. Using a mid-tone pink will not distract away from the rest of the makeup which is the goal here, a bright poppy pink will form a negative, or less desirable result!

Being a glow bomb is very important, I’m sure Blossy of there would agree! Using a pea-sized amount of my Nars Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana onto the back of my hand, I gently disbursed the product onto the tops of my cheekbones, onto my cupids bow, and on the center of my forehead/chin using a Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush. Having a light yet firm hand is very important when it comes to the illumination process here, I tried to stick with upward dragging motions rather harsh side to side blending motions! To intensify this look up a bit more I then took the Bh Cosmetics Wild & Radiant Pallet, shade 2 in specific, and blended it across any area’s the Nars Liquid in Copacabana originally touched. The Wild & Radiant pallet is one of my FAVORITE’S- the colors are silky and very pigmented which is surprising for how cheap the pallet is in total, be sure to check out my updated March Haul for swatches!

Honestly speaking, after the illumination process is done with the rest is SUPER simple! For example, I applied two coats of Seduction lipstick by Dose of colors then applied a light amount of Makeup Forever’s Matte Setting Powder to all zones of my face originally highlighted, followed by a light spraying of Urban Decays All Nighter Spray too every angle of my face. It really depends on what you like to do prior to eye makeup application and after, I know some people prefer to do the eye makeup first then the face, it’s totally up to you guys :)!

PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean
PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Caramel

*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk

*Urban Decay Vice 3 Pallet: Bondage, Sonic

*Lime Crime Venus Pallet, Muse + Aura + Shell + Rebirth + Icon

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans: Carnival, Curfew

*Glitter Injections, Babrie + Poison Berry

*Makeup Geek Gel Liner, Immortal

*Too Faced Better Than Sex

*KoKo Lashes, Goddess

PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean
PowerPuff Girls: Blossom Pink Spring Glitter Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

First things first, get your brows in shape! Eyebrows truly do frame the face however, more importantly, they DEFINE the type of makeup look you sought after. For example, if your go to is soft arches perhaps it compliments your face shape BUT in some cases it might work agains the eye makeup! A key factor is nice and smooth brows, they go with everything and are easy to maintain. To get that sort of look I simply took my Morphe G11 brush with my Dipbrow Pomade in Caramel, and gently defined my brows followed by a light brush stroking in to add color! I personally do not go the extra mile of spoolieing as I like intense eyebrows, but if you’d prefer a more disbursed brow effect go for it. After the brows were completed I smudged on Nyx’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over my lid area, try to stick with white bases for a very vibrant shadow look! From the smudging I blended the white milky base up towards my brow bone and under my lower lash line (view photo 1).

When I think of Blossom the first color that comes to mind is a metallic rustic pink, Sonic from the Urban Decay Vice 3 pallet fit this description perfectly! Using my Mac 239 brush, I gently patted Sonic across my entire lid area with firm patting motions. It is SUPER important you build-up enough pigment on this color that a metallic sheen is visible, work in layers my love!! After applying Sonic to my lid area I then started to work on the crease. For the transitional shade make sure you use a very fluffy brush such as Sephora’s #27 Brush, this will blend the lid shade upwards and create a gradience! With the color Rebirth from the Lime Crime Venus Pallet, I lightly blended to color into my crease with fluent side to side motions. I very rarely opted in for circular motions UNLESS I was buffing the color upwards! To prepare my crease for an extremely purple toned black I mixed Carnival and Curfew together and with my Mac 217 brush gently eased the color in my crease using side to side motions. Following this mixture was Bondage, the purple black! Don’t be afraid to build up pigment with this baby, however do be sure to work in layer’s, one of the worst things you can do is go crazy on the dark shade, have it under your control. I personally patted this shade on the outer third of my lid and dragged it inwards following the creasing of my eye socket, view image 5 for a visual image!

The lower lash line is a super important feature of this makeup look, it sorta ties everything together! With that being said, using my Mac 217 brush and the shade Muse, I softly smudged it across my lower lash line followed by the color Icon. I actually took Icon into my crease (inner V) to deepen things up a BIT more, it gave a much more smokier effect! THENN (here comes the fun part, yay) I switched to a Mac 219 Pencil brush and smudged the color “Barbie” from Glitter Injections right into the inner corners of my eye’s. For a much more reflective effect I then took Shell and applied it adjacent to the glitter, other words around glitter! The lower lash line is pretty much done by this point, so to finish up the upper part of my eye as well I smudged on Poison Berry to my lid with a slight mixture of Barbie. It’s best to use your fingers with pressed glitters, a brush charges through the pigment and ruins the formulation! THE LAST powder shadow you will need is Aura, simply take this gleamy yellow shade onto your brow bones for a glowy highlight.

Start finishing up the eye makeup with very thick and elongated winged eyeliner, I personally chose my favorite Makeup Geek Gel Liner in Immortal because it is super creamy and glides right over glitter unlike most eyeliner’s! When using this eyeliner, or the eyeliner of you choice rather, make sure you apply it to your water line as well and slightly smudge it down to the lower lash line, this will form a very seductive look. As far as mascara goes I coated my lashes a few times with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, emphasizing more on the lower lashes, and topped everything off with KoKo lashes in Goddess! Goddess lashes are the legit equivalent to House of Lashes Iconic, which you guy’s know were my favorite, def be sure to check them out they’re only $6.00 :). I hope you guy’s fancied this look very much so, be sure to check out some other recent looks while you’re at it! Sexy Smokey Bronze and Black Cheetah Makeup, Pastel Lilac and Glossy Pink Liner Makeup, BVS Dark Wonder Woman Smokey Eye. Have a good weekend and BY THE WAY, my birthday is on Monday, April 18th SO I probably will be a bit M.I.A posting wise!