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Pretty In Pink Valentines Day Soft Makeup Look

          Are you a pink lover? Do you prefer softer makeup styles that show YOU not the colors? Do you swoon for shimmers and creamy lipsticks? Well, if you answered “YES, YES, AND YES” this look is going to be PURRFECT for you! When putting this pretty in pink concept together, I wanted something that would be feminine, yet a little fun with a shimmery eyeshadow texture that glimmers, rather glitters. Not only is this makeup look the epitome of Valentine’s Day, I think many of you Jeaniez will find it wears VERY light on the face and will exude softness with a hint of spice! Enjoy, all details are below as per usual my loves xoxo.

     ALRIGHT, in case you’re wondering where the brow product is, you can, of course, do your eyebrows, since I know it’s a staple for many women, however, due to the fact the goal of this makeup look was softness, and the eyeshadow didn’t make my brows look faded, I left em’ alone! Please note you’re more than welcome to add some blush, or maybe even a pretty and defused glow. JUST KNOW, this look is not intended to be your typical “full glam”, and should be treated like princess makeup, soft, yet there, you see you, not the makeup. I think that’s a great way to kick off V-day February. By the way, if you’re on a tight budget, Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow pans alone could have sufficed to finish off this look, and vice-versa with the Chocolate Bar Palette, I just prefer a more “finished” look with some definition. OO! Yes! Please know next week I have an event coming up, so you never knooooww I might have a mini meet and greet. XOXO.

Eyes ❥ Too FacedChocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette: Cashew Chew + Almond Truffle (transitional), Satin Sheets (lids and inner corners), Bordeaux (slightly on lower lash lines), Cafe Au Late (center lids)

Makeup Geek | Eyeshadow Pan(s): Cupcake (crease), Nostalgic (lids for a pink shimmer)

L’Oreal ParisVoluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara

Laura MercierCaviar Stick Eye Color, Cocoa (waterlines)

Lips ❥  Nyx Cosmetics | Extra Creamy Round Lipstick: Paparazzi

Face ❥ Shea Moisture100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Cover Fx | Total Cover Cream Foundation, N20

**I used ‘Satin Sheets’ to even out the bold color ‘Nostalgic’ gives off. The color can be a little bit of a washout for my skin tone, thus I used Satin Sheets to warm the color up. Any nude/pink or rose gold will work. Just make sure to place it on the inner thirds, or BEFORE your base pink color! Also, I use the shade ‘Cafe Au Late’ to add a more natural feel to the eye makeup. The color is placed towards the center of my eyes. It softens out ‘Nostalgic’ leaving the pink now on the warmer side of things, with a slight frosty bronze feel. You can, OF COURSE, leave the eyes as a straight pink, but I had to make minor adjustments.

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