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Project: Bullyish Documentary Wraps Up In 2024 by Lillee Jean Trueman

Cyberstalking from the eyes of a 15 1/2-year-old girl, to a 23-year-old woman.

Https:// 2021 film production began


Online bullying, and online gang stalking, are not innocent crimes. Project: Bullyish tells the story of modern-day online stalking, and, the effects it has. From social platforms ignoring obvious crises to content farms producing mass content to profit off lies for money, this is the story of a teenager, to a woman.

Lillee Jean Trueman's documentary "Project: Bullyish" delves deeply into the disturbing and sinister world of cyberbullying and internet harassment. The film follows the journey of a 15 1/2-year-old girl who emerges as a fierce warrior at 23 after facing relentless bullying online. It portrays how she defied societal norms and chose to pursue her passion for filmmaking. By the age of 20, Lillee Jean had transitioned into acting and returned to her roots as a filmmaker, actress, and writer.

Through her harrowing story, the documentary reveals the chilling reality of online threats, police and FBI reports, and the exploitation and profit-making by major corporations through deception and misinformation. It sheds light on the dark corners of the internet, where faceless individuals hiding behind avatars propagate hate and negativity, making significant profits through illegal means and fueling toxic environments on neo-nazi platforms like LOLCOW and KIWIFARMS. "Project: Bullyish" serves as a bold and eye-opening exploration into the dangers of online bullying and the resilience of one young woman who fought back against it all.


Lillee Jean Trueman


Lillee Jean Trueman


Lillee Jean



Lillee Jean (Self)

Laura Rene Marks-Trueman (Self)

COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. BASED ON A TRUE STORY BY Lillee Jean Trueman, the copyright holder of this concept, idea, style, and motion picture.


Antisemitic Threats Explored

Lillee Jean's mom's side of the family is Ashkenazi Jewish. They hail from the Levi tribe, as Jean stated in a previous article, "...Levi tribe (HaLevi from Baruch Ben-Zion bar Moshe Halevi), and have had several Rabbis in the family including her 3rd great-grandfather Reb. Aaron Cohen (Kohen) from Korostyshev."

When Neo-Nazi sites like LOLCOW and KIWIFARMS figured this out, things got ugly fast. Neo-Nazi trolls swarmed social media with nasty slurs and even doxxed her family's private info, plastering it all over Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, and DOXBIN. "Project: Bullyish" shows how real this hate is in our world and provides a hopeful outlook on how we can make things better together.


Project: Bullyish Documentary Wraps Up In 2024 by Lillee Jean Trueman

The Cult That Began It All

In a personal anecdote, Jean recalls "In my personal experience, I have unfortunately encountered a series of disturbing incidents involving harassment and cyberstalking toward myself, and my family. These offenses have been ongoing for several years and have profoundly impacted my life. I never had contact, knew of, or spoke about these people. One day they started full force on Twitter hammering out Tweets about my mom, dad, and myself 24/7 with no break, with the main cult members."

"They started when I was a teenager and involved a digital cult known as the PANTICULT or LILLEE JEAN CLONE CULT, that latched on one day," Jean said

Project: Bullyish Documentary Wraps Up In 2024 by Lillee Jean Trueman

In one example, accounts such as NiceMinnesotan, R/Leading-economist-12, R/SKHoward, CheeryMonkey, Antiques_lady, and CherryCupcakes7, CeoKindred, diane135899, Rabbits2022, kxh45ybdyj, Sandman22, bubbletea4ever4, PINEAPPLE HEAD, Wesavedogs22 would appear as the same person spreading lies. From fake information about health sounding off mass hysteria and leading to a public resource being misused, to doxxing family records online, this cult knew no bounds.

Here is a link to the woman saving Jean's great-grandmother, Marie Jeanne, from a tree that she asked her to delete: ( first clipping) The woman would continue to stalk Jean for 4 years, publishing private papers, calling media agencies to produce stories to her liking, and spreading false statements to further her "fun". The woman can be found online defaming and creating a smear campaign today under the moniker of Pineapple Head fraternizing with underage children on Discord servers.







sandra schuld
Children utilized to vandalize IMDB, and spread lies throughout servers.

The Countless Police Reports and FBI Reports (REDACTED)

Project: Bullyish Documentary Wraps Up In 2024 by Lillee Jean Trueman

Lillee Jean has been transparent about all the police and FBI reports she’s had to file to stay safe. Every time a new video, post on Reddit, or negative article with more lies pops up, it feels like she's stuck in an endless loop of reliving 2017, 2019, and 2020 because of the cult called "PANTICULT" that became determined on bringing her down as a teenager.

In her documentary, she files yet another police report and even an identity theft report with the post office after getting a glitter bomb sent under her name to her P.O. Box. So far, she’s filed multiple IC3 reports as online stalking and harassment is a crime. Her tormentors to date continue, but her tenacity and faith in our system remain strong. She has an open case with the Queens Attorney General's Office.

The 2017 Delusional Artists Thread That Threatened to Harm Lillee Jean Physically

The Bullyish trailer goes way back. This began when Lillee was 15 1/2 years old, when a group online latched on and never left. In Project Bullyish, the third teaser goes into a snippet of the film, in Delusional Artists Reddit, when Lillee Jean is 15 1/2, where they say want to r*pe her. When Lillee Jean's mother enters to defend her daughter, torment increases. You can watch the clip below of the film, and, torterous statements.

She Has Emerged as a Fierce Mind

The actress has had a tough ride. Last year, she opened up about dealing with PTSD from constant harassment and in-person stalking. But guess what? She's bounced back stronger than ever! With this documentary under her belt, she's all set to keep training, perfecting her skills, and diving into projects she's passionate about.

In a recent interview about antisemitism, with family friend Rabbi Yitzi Weiner, the actress stated, "I live by the clever words of the late Queen Elizabeth II “Never complain, never explain.” Why explain?"

Lillee Jean After Bullyish

"Honestly, I just want to do my filmmaking in peace and enjoy what I love doing. But the issue is, once a neo-Nazi group gets hooked on you, they just don't quit. This documentary aims to shake things up for the better." - Lillee Jean

Jean is filled with excitement and determination as she sets out to turn her experiences into a gripping storyline. She envisions her project making waves at prestigious film festivals, capturing the attention of audiences and industry professionals alike. She is eager to bring this film to the screen, to delve deeper into the emotional aspect and motivations of what drives someone to do this, with an emotionally impactful film.



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