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Reviewing Natural Makeup: Antonym, Axiology, rms Beauty, lilah b., ILIA, Bite | Sephora

         AHH, happy day! Nothin’ like waking up with a shiny package at your front door, curiosity to Sephora!  As some of you beauties are aware by following the Beauty Boards, Sephora just recently launched their “Natural Makeup” brands list that includes’s Lilah B., Antonym, rms beauty, Bite, ILIA, and even Axiology! These brands are natural, cruelty-free, and some even organic, which for me as a makeup minimalist is a major A+. Below are the products Sephora has SENT TO ME for review! You will find swatches, and my own personal thoughts on each individual product, along with the brand, if I have experience with it, such as for example Bite Beauty, as I use their products frequently. This is indeed an advertised blog post, however, know that whatever is stated here is MY OWN opinion and MY OWN experiences!  Enjoy, and THANK YOU, my babies, at Sephora! Love you bunches XOXO. Please note over the course of a week, four (4) makeup looks will be posted using these products – ten (10) in total were sent to me, so for one look I might use two (2) products, and for another look perhaps three (3). I think you loves have my drift ;)!

Certified Organic Highlighter that ultimately gives skin a brighter, and warmer appearance. It is much like a blush for those with alabaster skin, but much like a highlighter for those with light to medium skin tones. Those with darker skin will find this to POP and really pack a punch as a natural infused blusher highlighter in ONE! According to Antonym, the swirled highlighting powder comes in a pink champagne color (and a fabulous package might I say), and is paraben, sulfate, and phthalate FREE! For those who care about what is in their products, this is a MAJOR big deal. Parabens and all that icky unneeded stuff sinks into the skin…and sinks further into your body as you continue to use it. Below is a swatch of the beautiful color on my finger, without ANY primer!

Click here for the link to seeing this product in action: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/makeuplooks/vegan-everyday/

‘Bronzed Beauty’ Bronzer Duo and is available in the shade sunkissed – bronze, which is pictured above. Now, I am NOT a fan of bronzers, you loves know that. Nor am I contouring enthusiast. However, this product does hold some water for me, as in one makeup look I completed (you shall see it in a few days), I used it as an eyeshadow duo, and let me tell ya’ DIMENSION BABY! It looked incredible and held up AMAZINGLY on my eyelids…even as sweaty as they were in this New York heat. This is considered a multipurpose bronzing duo with one highlight shade, the lightest swatched on my finger tips, and a contour shade, the darkest, also swatched on my finger tips. I must be honest if you have DARK skin this will NOT work for you. If you have even medium Latina skin…perhaps look for something a bit darker, unless you desire a very sunkissed and natural glow! For me, the colors were a great match…I am considered a fair skinned person. Anyhow, this product is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and happens to be cruelty-free, vegan, and GLUTEN FREE! Hallelujah! I truly love the message of this brand, also, which is “with less, you are more”, and definitely will be checking out more of their products!! As a side note, this product is HEAVY, thus not conventional for every day in your bag usage, however, it is truly worth the $42.00, since it applied smoothly to my skin, and had very faint hints of shimmah shimmah.

See the product in action, ON MY EYES, here: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/makeuplooks/back-to-school-glam/

“Aglow” Face Mist infused with lavender oil, thus it is perfect for sensitive skin such as mine. You can use this to set your makeup, to hydrate, or even for a refreshing spirtz…much like Mac Fix+, but ORGANIC. It is enriched with Knot grass, mineral water containing calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and Dandelion, Fig, and brown algae extracts. This stuff is JAM packed with nutrition! I truly loved the way it felt against my skin, and for once…I wasn’t in pain with burn marks nor hives. YAY.

Multi Stick, pictured above, which I fell in love with instantly, you can use this on your lips, cheeks, eyeballs, and well, anwhere you feel it should go!  Very day to night, and very essential for all to have in their makeup kits. This product, in the shade, ‘At Last’, a dusty rose, is a tint that almost “melts” into the skin, and looks extremely natural since the finish is dewy! With vitamin E, and avocado oil this organic paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free brand is a MUST to invest in. When you think about it, for 5 grams of product at $34.00, and only needing the tiniest of portions…that is truly a goodie to have! I personally love the portable sizing. Compared to Nars’s Multiple Sticks, I must say, I PREFER these. Natural is always best. Wouldn’t you agree?!

See the product in action, here: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/makeuplooks/effortless-dewy/

Soft Focus Finishing Powder is meant to bring a natural look to the skin while creating that “barely there” effect! Basically, your skin will look like SKIN not like translucent powder was dusted everywhere. I for one applied this over my lids and on my under eye area with a cotton ball! The result was FLAAAWWWLESSSS. No back flash (a+), and I had no issues with it sinking into any dry patches that were noticeable. Now that, for me is one heck of a powder. This too, like all other products is organic, and is infused with rosemary oil! Cool, huh? This retails for $34.00. Previously, I used Nars’s Light Reflecting Powder for whenever the weather got humid…until that started to run, and sunk into my under eye bags. It also emphasized my dry skin. This held up in 90 degrees HUMID weather, and still looked fresh as it was applied!

See the product in action, here: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/makeuplooks/effortless-dewy/

Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Balm is formulated with vanilla and agave extracts to hydrate the lips ALL day long! You can use this as a primer, or just as a “my lips, but better” sorta’ product. You might say, “spending $18.00 on one tiny lip balm is ridiculous”, however, understand you’re paying for NATURAL makeup! Makeup free of parabens, which can cause cancer, and is also free of sulfates, as well as phthalates. This product acts as a “mask” for the lips and actually helps repair your lush lippies as time goes on! Think of it as a glossy balm that feels like BUTTER.

See the product in action, here: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/makeuplooks/effortless-dewy/

Amuse Bouche Liquefied Lip! This is not your ordinary liquid lipstick…it’s more of a highly pigmented lip color with coconut oil and monoi butter. Highly hydrating…but PACKS A PUNCH in pigment! Above is a photo of the wand with the color ‘Chutney’. Chutney on me looked like Bite’s signature mauve nude (Musk), and applied like smooth butter! There was no feathering that occurred, and I noticed that the creamy satiny finished product actually was unique in some way. Allow me to explain. Most liquid lipsticks are chunky, liquidy, or mousse like. This is not a dry down product, however, it looks like glass on the lips, and somehow infuses a gloss with a long-wearing liquid lippie! For $24.00, and being free of parabens…I WANT THEM ALL!!! You cuties will see a look featuring this product in a few days. Mwahahah, the excitement of it all! Once the makeup look is published, I will link it back here, so if you’d like a reference point, it shall be available.

See the product in action, here: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/makeuplooks/back-to-school-glam/

Axiology is an organic, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup company. Being as though I have NEVER tried out this brand specificity before, it was kinda like getting 1 million gifts and going through them rapidly continuously girl screaming ;). Anyhow, here pictured is their Natural Lip Crayon in ‘Keen’, a grapefruit like color infused with gold. On my skin tone, it looked like a BEAUTIFUL tangerine shade and was in a comfortable matte finish. With vibrant pigment payoff, and a hydrating touch (moringa oil), I think Axiology is a brand that will soon be BOOMING with beauties all over the world! Below is a swatch of the color against my skin, so you loves can get an idea of how it looks on me. Please note no primer was used, that includes lip liner, lip balm, and so on. I really love the crayon like packaging, because I get precise lines each time! It self-sharpens, too….and might I add tastes like ORANGES!

Makeup look featuring ‘Keen’ –http://thaeyeballqueen.com/makeuplooks/flirty-grapefruit-orange-makeup-look/-

Lastly, we have the Natural Lipstick from the same brand, that is infused with organic avocado and coconut oil! As you beauties know, I am a MAJOR user of coconut oil, I just love love love the stuff. Alright, so the natural lipstick currently comes in 14 shades and retails at $30.00. I was sent the shade ‘The Goodness’ which is a shimmer finish! Currently, the brand has three finishes for their line with matte and satin adding onto the shimmers. Anyhow, this golden tube of beauty is indeed organic, cruelty-free and VEGAN! It truly is luxurious and surprised me with the amount of color payoff received. Shimmers normally are sheer…and really don’t do much of anything. This product, however, looked SUPER natural, yet noticeably there! Honestly, this was my favorite product out of everything I received, and that tell’s ya’ loves something, since I am rather picky about what I put on my face.

Tap here for the link to seeing this product in action: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/makeuplooks/vegan-everyday/

You love bunnies will see this product in action by tomorrow! I want to publish the makeup looks slowly, this way you guys can soak in the awesomeness of the products, and don’t become overwhelmed by all the posts. I truly hope you guy’s enjoyed this review, and I hope that possibly some of you will turn over to more “natural” makeup products! Always look into what you’re using on your face and know less is more, and more is less. Love you all XOXO, and thank you Sephora once more for this opportunity.

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