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Rochelle Goyle Monster High Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2017 | Lillee Jean

Welcome back my beautiful Jeaniez…or should I say, GHOULS?! Seeing as though you cuties enjoyed my first Monster High character (Abbey Bominable), I decided to roll out another one with Rochelle Goyle. As you guessed, Rochelle is a gargoyle! GRRR! She hails from Scaris (Paris), and of course, is magnifique by nature! Out of all the characters, I felt her look dynamic was unique (pale white/grey), and I felt quite compelled to replicate the eye makeup style since it actually took a more modern twist than usual (half moon cut crease). All in all, I hope you Jeaniez enjoy! Read below for details on the products used, as well as details on how to recreate this look!

Step one is simple – hair back, clean your skin, and GET READY! This will be the same premise for all to come Monster High adoptions due to the fact this is “Halloween” or “fantasy” makeup. I’d rather you beauties have fresh skin, then end up in a situation! ALSO please do check your products before application. Foundation is one thing, but applying heavy powders is another! This is a no-allergic reaction zone ;)!

Step two begins with developing the complexion! I for one do not own any cosplay white cake makeup, thus I had to be creative. If you do have white face paint (or cake), apply it!  For me, I began by applying coconut oil as a slick base (use a primer that works best for you)! This will help blend in future products since I planned on using eyeliner, which can tug on the skin.

Step three starts off with eyeliner! Using Nyx’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, I dashed the white pencil across ALL zones of my face. Then, with a damp Beauty Blender, I carefully pushed the product into my skin with gentle blending motions! Don’t expect a white complexion just yet. You should either have a slight ghostly veil to your skin (medium to dark), or you should look only slightly different (fair complexions). Next, I took Elf’s Pressed HD Powder, and with a Sephora #74 Brush, I packed the product onto my skin with light stippling motions! The key here is to pack on the pigment. Now that my skin is set, I opened up Morphe’s 35U palette specifically for the shimmery white shadow and

Step four includes dimensions and any tiny details the skin might have! By this point, the skin should be set. It’s now time to vampify…or Ghoulify…?! You get me. For this look, I opened up Morphe’s 35U palette specifically for the shimmery white shadow and grey shadow! With the shimmery white shadow, I used this to make my skin completely white/grey. To apply I swirled in (swirled as in swished for the max product) with Sephora’s #74 brush, and brushed the product onto my skin with circular blending motions! Depending on the eyeshadow you use is the motions you should proceed with! For example, I used a shimmer shadow, however, Morphe’s colors tend to work best with pressure and blending! Please note EVERYONE should have a shimmering white, this way the skin looks real and dimensional. Once this was completed I dusted on ILIA’s Finishing Powder, since looser textures tend to add that “light” to the skin! I then took a detailing lip brush, wet it gently, and took the gray eyeshadow to form little markings on my skin. These should NOT resemble freckles, more like statues marks – gargoyles are carved statues that “scare” away evil.

Rochelle Goyle Monster High Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2017 | Lillee Jean

Rochelle Goyle Monster High Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2017 | Lillee Jean

Step Five – EYE MAKEUP, YAY! I was super stoked to replicate Rochelle’s eye makeup since she wears a pink base, with a purple crease. Sometimes she is shown with a violet/blue cut crease style, so I decided to mesh everything together for my own adaption to Miss. Goyle.

Step Six – Since I find the eye makeup complex, this will include TWO parts of an explanation! First, we have the eyebrows which are a dark gray. Grey can also be a purple tone, so I took a bit of ‘Unexpected’ by Makeup Geek and sculpted my eyebrows out! I then took that very shade and swept it throughout my crease, and throughout my lower lash lines. From there, I picked up ‘Pretty In Pink’ by Morphe Brushes, and with a Morphe E22 I gently packed the girly color onto my eyelids, and slightly into my crease. Mixing ‘Carnival’ and ‘Curfew’ together by Makeup Geek, I then swished the dusty purple hue into my inner v for definition using a more condensed blender! Make sure your blending is DUSTY and well done — Rochelle has a neutral to cool complexion, thus any harsh lines will show and compete with her (your) hair color.

Step Seven – Here we began to detail further! Rochelle has a VERY defined crease. In the photo I used, one can only see the dusty hues of purple and pink. However, in Rochelle’s normal representation she has a noticeable blue cut crease! To replicate this I used Jesses’s Girl Liquid Liner in Blue Hawaii. Starting from the inner corners, specifically where the eyelids crease, I drew a line halfway towards the natural cut crease of my eyelids. This should not wing out, it should be like a half moon that arches! To soften the line I used a shimmering blue/purple shadow from Morphe’s 35U Palette, and with a Mac 219 brush, I detailed (smudged) the shadow in. The excess was dragged onto my lower lash lines.

Step Eight – Rochelle has super thick eyelashes and is seen wearing heavy black eyeliner. That said, taking Sephora’s liquid black eyeliner in ‘Black Lace’, I lined my upper lash lines, thickly, in a cat eye style, and then smudged Nyx’s ‘Black Bean’ onto my waterlines to widen my eye shape further! It’s important when replicating a cartoon to keep that whimsical aspect alive. I highly suggest you Jeaniez apply false eyelashes, otherwise, one end of this look will fall short! I personally applied my mascara (L’oreal Carbon Black), and then plopped on Huda Beauty’s Scarlett False Eyelashes. Try to stick with gradient lashes that have light inner corners but GLAM outer corners (thickness level)!

Here we are with the last TWO steps! On my lips in Nyx’s Paris Soft Matte Lip Creme, how ironic, with a pinch of YSL’s Rose Jersey Lipgloss. Rochelle does NOT have hot pink lips, more of a vivid rose! Keep that in mind, because anything “off” will clash with our already applied shadows. Skin wise I frosted Platinum Angle by BeautyBarBaby onto my cheekbones to again have that dimensional effect! I love to glow, even as a ghoul You can add shadows, such as a gray contour, but I personally didn’t feel I needed it. I still like my character adaptions to look like me! Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy, thank you for reading XOXO!


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