• Lillee Jean

Rosy Pink Blown Out Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

*Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer

*Benefit Hello Flawless! Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation, Im Pure 4 Sure Ivory

*Cover Fx Cream Foundation: N100 to contour and N0 to highlight

*Benefit Hoola Bronzer

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, Medium Tan (Peaches & Cream)

*Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush, Candy Glow

*Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana

*Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder, Illuminated

*ABH Liquid Lipstick, Sweet Talker + Colourpop Liquid Lipstick, Scrooge

*Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

*Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

I dunno about you beauties but today was a time for a much needed shaving, as gross as that might sound HAHA! Being I always start of my blog post tutorials with a little background on prior face work done, we shall begin with the shaving process by Lilz. Concisely said, using one cotton round I first saturated the center in Bio Derma’s H20 serum then proceeded to rubbing it over all zones of my face, this helps remove excess oil and dirt left behind! Using another cotton round, a clean one rather, I then took a pea-sized amount of Perfectly Posh’s Hairy Beast Shaving Gel and gently disbursed it around my skin, I included my hairline in this. Now to speed things up a tad so you loves aren’t completely bored, I moreover wet the cotton round and formed a bubbly mixture on my skin then moved forth in shaving away prickly areas! My skin was then washed off using steamy water and set with one light coating of Fresh’s Seaberry Oil, oil’s work best when it comes to after shaves ;), men take notice. Some of you might be a little curious as to why I shave my face and the answer is beyond simple- makeup application is 10X better and the products adhere to the skin like never before! Obviously speaking, shaving is not for everyone, however the priming process is, don’t skip it. It makes me cringeeee when women say they don’t require a priming base! My love, my flower blossom, you need a primer. A misconception is primers are used to tame skin conditions such as oiliness and dryness, funny part is there are such things as UNIVERSAL primers and COLOR CORRECTING primers, both of which would fit into everyone’s needs! With that being said, I opted in for my Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer as I love the light and airy smell it exudes into the air after application. Using exactly one pump of the product onto the back of my hand I gently took a tad of primer onto the tip of my finger and dashed it across my left cheek, to eventually my right cheek, chin, forehead, and center of my nose! The dashing method saves product AND allows blending to be a much simpler process, in fact, once the placement was set I went right into circular motions to really work the product in- less is more. Speaking of less is more, using half a pump of the Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation I gently began disbursing it across all zones of my face using a Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush, this product has been sitting in my foundation box foooorever so I decided to give it a go! I found the best application method for this baby is to stick with downward elongated strokes, extending the product out towards your hairline and under your chin is a must.

Onward to cream contouring :)! There is no crazy method used today other than do what looks best on you, I opted in for using my traditional Cover Fx Cream Foundation’s in N100 to contour and N0 to highlight. Using my tiny Sephora Lip Brush (yes seems totally weird but it works best for me), I gently swirled into N0 and began firmly streaking the product under my eyes in diagonal markings up towards my hairline, this in tern formed inverted triangles! The product was then taken on the bridge of my nose up towards my forehead branching under my brow bones, and finally across both jawlines meeting up at my chin. While it might appear as my whole face is covered in the frosty ivory shade, the difference between physically applying it and adding the shade in specific areas is when blended and mixed with N100 it turns into a deeper hue, thus it becomes a simple contour! Since N100 was brought into the picture, the deep ebony was applied to the sides of my nose connecting at the tip, perspectively, and dashed upwards across the hollows of my cheeks and jawline. I find the dashing method MUCH more effective in getting those sculpted cheekbones! To blend in the two foundations I took a cleaned Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and gently stippled in the products starting from my left jaw line up. The ONLY time any other motion were used other than stipples is when it came time to blend in the cheek contour, at that point I used upward stipples, makes for a seamless finish AND helps give a beautiful illusion of higher pulled up cheekbones! To set the cream contour I dusted Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer across the temples of my face down towards the hollows of my cheeks and around my jawline using a Mac 168, Hoola was followed up with Peaches & Cream from the ABH Contour Kit for a little extra definition and warmth :).