• Lillee Jean

Russian Blue Eyeliner Sephora PRO Editorial Makeup Tutorial 2021 | HERITAGE SERIES | Lillee Jean

Hi Jeaniez! Starting off my Heritage Series, with RUSSIA, and the Ukraine :)! My family, on my moms side, have strong Russian Jewish roots, so I thought it would be fun exploring current trends, while discussing my ancestral finds. Although the Ukraine and Russia are TWO different places, they congeal together much in history, and are integral in this line, of my families heritage. For current trends, it was quite difficult to discern. Some say go natural, some say go SMOKEY, but yet all I see in high fashion is COLOR, but elegance. Thus, I decided to use an actual makeup artist, from Russia to guide me!! See her beautiful work linked below!! Also, let me know down below where you'd love to see next (list of countries on my community tab)


💚💚 ORIGINAL ARTIST LOOK 💚💚: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDbjo_hgcIu/

💚💚 ARTICLES💚💚: https://www.byrdie.com/russian-beauty-secrets