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Sag-Aftra Strike Resolved: By a Woman! | The Lillee by Lillee Jean

Sag-Aftra Strike Resolved: By a Woman! | The Lillee by Lillee Jean

It's finally over! SAG-AFTRA's strike has been resolved after a long, difficult negotiation process! There is such a sense of relief and excitement for everyone in the entertainment industry.

The news last night got me pumped. My concerns about artificial intelligence usage, and fair pay, were justifiable. The many sets where people were unfairly paid, and in the case of WandaVision where some actors were duplicated through A.I., it really makes you ponder "What if that was me?"

When I saw that the current president, Fran Drescher, got all the details cleverly worked out, I thought of one phrase "woman power" and celebrated with my fellow actors and actresses! It reminds me of the significant contributions of women, but also highlights the ongoing movement towards gender equality and empowerment in the entertainment industry. As the industry continues to work toward creating a more inclusive, equitable environment, we're celebrating and acknowledging this strike being settled, too. Any progress adds to the full picture, and that is what counts!

Here is to my fellow actors and actresses having fair pay, AI protection advances, and more!


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