• Lillee Jean

Valentine’s Day Bombshell Makeup Tutorial

*Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer

*Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme Foundation, Sand

*Cover Fx Cream Foundation(s), N100+ABH Cream Contour Kit, Banana

*Benefit Hoola Bronzer

*Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit, Light/Medium

*Stila Watercolor Blush– Water Lily

*Benefit High Beam+Sephora MicroSmooth Luminizer, Stardust

*Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder

*Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

*Colourpop Lippistix, LBB+ Buxom Zoe

As mentioned above, having flawless skin is a must in this look (heavily ties into the gothic opposite because the same techniques are used, however this is done with an “angelic” touch). Just a quickey- I actually took a shower beforehand and braided my hair in two french braids, this gives a super beachy hair style, and yes hair tutorials are soon too come ;). In the shower I used my usual Murad Time Release Acne Cleaner (helps clear up my complexion) and then followed through by steaming the foam off with hot water. As always I set everything with Fresh’s Seaberry Oil. Just for the sake of replicating a Victorias Secret Bombshell adding a touch of oil to your routine won’t kill ya’, it’ll just bring a lit from within glow and offer a tad more moisture. If you happen to have breakouts this is a good idea because despite having cluttered skin, it is clean and dry patch free thus making it super easy to perfect, plus the fact in some cases oil can tame acne!

Just as always, right after allowing the oil to seep into my pores I moved along to the priming stage. For a look like this defiantly pull out the green/peach/yellow primers (color correcting) it will help draw focus to the eyes as well as lips! I however opted in for using the equivalent to a clear BB/CC cream, Natasha Denona’s Face Glow Hydrating Primer. Though this is a hydrating and colorless base, it defiantly has improved my skin and preforms well in covering surface area imperfections (fine lines, dry patches, weird looking acne marks). When it comes to jarred primer I like to take a finger tip sized amount and dash it on each zone of the face (left cheek, right cheek, forehead, chin) and then gently blend it out towards my hair line! Always remember to blend out past the actual face for the most natural finish (if you prime one spot and do not primer the other a noticeable difference is seen). I allowed this priming base to set for a good 5 minutes, remember every base requires different steps. Before moving on I’d like to elaborate on my last statement just to avoid confusion- people using color correcting primers have to wait longer amounts of time than those using universal priming bases due to the extra benefits woven in! On the other hand, those using acne fighting bases might need to follow through with another treatment. Always use my information as guide, develop your own way’s!

Next up is the foundation application! It took me a total of 6 minutes to decide what foundation I wanted to use (as many of you know I adore the ND Face Glow, tough life breaking apart from it). This process went by super quick despite the sad moments that occurred since I used a rounded Makeup Geek Stippling Foundation Brush. With exactly one pump of Becca’s Full Coverage Creme I began to gently stipple on the product in a circle opened by a surrounding circle. I continued the stippling process until I finally reached my under eye area and at the point buffed the product out to my hairline. The same method was taken onto the other side of my face along with a light brushing on my forehead and chin. Be sure to choose a skin tone foundation with lots of pigment present, the least of your worries should be color matching at this point! Allow your foundation to set anywhere between 1-2 minutes before moving onto cream contouring (NOT optional).

Speaking of powders the first thing used after the contour is Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer! As said in many of my blog posts, it is extremely important to incorporate a bronzer in your routine. You might be asking, “well…why?” Without it, especially after cream contouring, you’ll have a grayish skin tone, which is where the help of a bronzer comes in since it adds warmth! If you happen to opt in for a matte bronze such as the one I used you can go forth and skip the extra step of powder defining the contour! Besides all of this, with my Mac 168 brush I brushed the bronzing powder from my temples, down to the hollows of my cheeks and finally to under my jawline. These are areas the sun would naturally hit, sans the sides of one’s nose. I prefer to keep the nose taupe in tone rather bronzy just because it creates a more shadowed effect! To define my cheekbones and nose a tad better I took the contour shade from Smashbox’s Contour Kit and with the same Mac 168 I eased the dark brown in.

Right after my eyes were finished up I proceeded to applying a light coat of LBB to my lips. For an extra shine I took Zoe from Buxom and applied the gaze to my entire lip area, if you want a “plump” effect simply highlight the cupid’s bow more OR SLIGHTLY over line the top and bottom lips! Using anything with slight magenta tones is the way to go with this look, offers a “sweetheart” appearance while a red while yield a sexy vixen look! To set my face I took my Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush and gently dusted Laura Mercier’s setting powder over all zones of my face (generally areas you highlighted such as the under eye area, forehead, chin, between the cheek/jaw contour ect.). To just ensure my makeup remained fresh and kiss proof all day I sprayed on Urban Decay’s All Nighter, this stuff is the bomb if you happen to be using accident prone makeup (easily slips off, wears harshly off during the day, or flakes).

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Caramel

*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk

*Lorac Unzipped Pallet, Unbelievable, Untamed, Undercover

*Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Pallet, Sprinkles, Almond Truffle, Mocha

*Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink

*Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes, So Black!

*Ardell Lashes 110 Black

*HOL Lash Glue

Just as always use the photos above as a guide to what steps were done, each individual picture represents a technique explained down below! With that being said, in the first photo I had primed my entire eye and done my brows. These are two general steps you should work to include in ANY makeup look you want to execute! To not be redundant in what I say weekly, I moreover spoolied through my brows, lined them, filled them in, and then gave them an extra spoolieing with my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush.

The first shade added to my lid is Unbelievable. As you can see throughout the course of the photos the shade turns like a seashell pink, don’t worry the reason for that WILL be explained. With any stiff eyeshadow brush (Mac 239) OR your finger gently pat the shimmery shade over your entire eyelid. Due to the high shimmer reflects it is best to work in layers and build up the color! With that same 239 brush I then took Sprinkles from the Chocolate Bon Bons Pallet and patted it in the inner third of my lid. After building up decent pigment I then swiped the brush across my lid with an EXTREMELY LIGHT dusting (this is why Unbelievable turns peachy in tone).

In order to build drama in the crease you must be sure to work your transitional shade in well! I opted in for the color Almond truffle primarily because it accents the warm/cool mixture in tones well. Using a fluffy blending brush (Sephora #27 Brush) I gently blended the color into my crease with a variety of side to side and circular motions. Though the color will expand outwards drastically you want to avoid blending up to the brow OR below the lash line! Switching to a denser blending brush, I took Mocha and eased it into my inner V with very slight side to side motions. When it comes to the inner V don’t be afraid to pack on pigment, be sure to also follow the creasing of your eye socket, this helps to form a clean line as well as open your eyes up more! Now the major part comes into play- if you truly want a sexy and smoked out eye defiantly don’t skip this step, however if you’re looking for a soft angelic smokey eye stop here and move onto the eyeliner. With that same Mac 217 Brush, I began to pat Untamed onto my outer lid area. Once the shade was patted on I then followed through by tracing the line of my eye socket and gently flicking my brush up towards the other colors (basically circular and side to side motions with a little twist!).

Though the photo is not present (got really into the look and forgot to snap a picture), I smudged most of the shades used onto the lower lash line. The gradience follows as; Untamed, Unbelievable, Sprinkles, Undercover. These shades can be alternated anyway you’d want however the way it goes from dark-light provides an eye opening appearance and more sultry look! Speaking of dark-light, I HEAVILY smudged on Bobbi Brown’s Gel Liner in Black Ink with a Mac 209 Eye Liner Brush. Not only was the black applied to my waterline and taken all the way into the tear ducts, I also made sure to heavily line my upper lash line/upper waterline with a mini flick at the end. Just to avoid confusion- when I say “heavily lined” I am referring to me smudging the black so it appears to be a thicker and smoked out line! I began to finish the look up by applying several coats of Lancome’s Hypnose Doll Lashes to my lashes (focus on smoking the lower lash line out with the mascara of your choice, this will help bring a sensual vibe). The last step is to choose super fluffy lashes and apply them! I personally am loathing at the fact I lost all my House Of Lashes Iconic’s, but as a reference point, choosing lashes of that style will hinder the goal here which is to form a sexy sensual vibe! With that being the case I lightly applied a coating of lash glue to the 110 lashes and proceeded to positioning them onto my upper lash line.