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Sexy Smokey Bronze and Black Glittery Cheetah Makeup Tutorial

*Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer

*Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Gobi

*Cover Fx Cream Foundation, N100+N0

*Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder, 4

*Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powders, Mirage Filter

*NYX Powder Blush, Pinched

*Becca Shimmer Skin Perfector Pressed, Champagne Pop

*Besame Cosmetics Brightening Vanilla Face Powder

*Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

*Anastasia Bev. Hills. Pure Hollywood

Just as I explained in my video tutorial (yippie for those of you seeing my blog post first and getting a sneak peak), I wanted to make sure my skin was VERY bronzy and defined. To get this look I first picked up my Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder in 4 (the darkest shade seems to agree most with my skin coloring, once again go by what works for you, not what seems to work for others) and with my Mac 168 I promptly blended in the product starting from the temples of my face moving down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to the curve of my jaw line! This is better know as the “outer 3 of the face” because the outer part sort of curves in and out like a three shape. To yield more definition and too set the cream contour, contour, I then went into the dark bronze shade provided in my Marc Jacobs #Instamarc Filtering Powder pallet. Being you generally SHOULD NOT bronze the sides of your nose if the powder is shimmery (creates a widened effect) I heavily contoured my sides using a Elf Concealer brush (talk about multi-purpose), this once more set the contour from before and added more definition. I also quickly went over the hollows of my cheeks and under my chin with the shade to ensure optimal shadowing was received! Here is a real shocker- as a blush I used Nyx’s Pinched, which happens to be a powder I HAVE NEVER used since I purchased it a year ago. You love’s know I absolutely despise power blushes for the fact they look phony and yield natural flushes, today however I decided to delve into that pool of color and go for it! Using my now super dirty Mac 168 brush, I gently brushed the product onto my skin starting from the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline. It took literally 3 minutes to blend thoroughly, I suggest starting with a tiny amount of powder and building it up from there. To finish up the tactical part of the makeup in terms of what I like to do prior to eye makeup, I then took my Tarte Swirl Powder Bronzer and Contour brush and heavily swept across my cheekbones/bridge of nose/forehead/cupids bow/chin Becca’s Champagne Pop! This color is my absolute favorite and it compliments the eye makeup SUPER well, be sure to once more work in layers, layers are your best friend’s.

The lips flow two ways with this makeup look. They can either be glittery red or a subdue pink/nude shade, I personally prefer the pink/nude hence why I chose it as my cover photo however the glittery red is definitely a fun twist, so I shall describe both ways! To the left is the “red” effect- I first lined my lips with Sephora’s Nano Liner in Real Red then patted on loose BH Cosmetics Deep Red Glitter on top in light layers. This got VERY messy, which is the top reason of why I removed it and started the lips over again honestly. The second version is with a light coating of ABH’s Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood, it gives off a very glam vibe! To help clean up the glitter, prior to the lip change, I patted on Besame’s Brighting Vanilla Powder in large amounts all over the area’s I originally highlighted with Cover Fx’s N0 using my Sephora #74. After a few minutes of “baking” I then dusted the product off with hopeful thoughts of dusting glitter away, and then sprayed on Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray to refreshen my makeup! Honestly speaking the spray will really save you IF you decide on glitter lips, it sort of “flicks off” any glitter and makes it much easier to remove product, in this case glitter.

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Caramel

*ELF Smudge Pot– Gotta Glow

*Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallet, Salted Caramel

* Too Faced Le Grand Palais: Dreamlight, Yule Log

*Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Eyeshadow, Steampunk

*Glitter Injections, Cheetah Print

*Violet Voss Glitter, Copperella

*Too Faced Glitter Glue

*Kiss Looks So Natural Collection, Pretty Lashes

*ABH Creme Liner in Jet

*Too Faced Better Than Sex

It’s best to avoid doing ANYTHING to the lid after priming, it’s such a huge mess when glitter is added first then the crease is worked on, so I decided to work backwards in that sense. Going into my favorite Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallet (funny because I gave it such a crap review when I first received it), specifically with the shade Salted Caramel, I gently blended the color into my crease using a dense Mac 217 brush using side to side motions using my eye socket as a guide. The brush density bristle wise DOES matter because it determines how much product is picked up and how widely disbursed the product is! To add some dimension I then went into the color Dreamlight. This color was placed directly into the inner V of my eye which requires much more patience blending wise, try to stick with small circular motions and side to side buffing motions, in fact I highly recommend going over the crease with a fluffier brush for a gradience in tone (Sephora #27 Brush). The last color to be added in the crease is Yule Log, don’t be afraid to start with a massive amount of pigment with this baby, it just makes for a smokier effect as opposed to building pigment up which as we all know gives a desirable gradience as explained above! Using Mac’s 219 pencil brush (easier to direct color into the inner inner V) I gently patted on Yule Log to the outer third of my lid with firm side sweeping motions, from those motions I shifted into the creasing of my eye socket with firm side to side motions followed by a dusting over with a fluffier Sephora #27 Brush to soften the shade up.

Something you loves should know prior to the tutorial is I HEAVILY smoked things up after the fact of recording, which is why image 5 is less smoked and dark than image 6! Moreover I lined my upper lash lines with THICK heavy black wings using ABH’s Creme Liner in Jet and an Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush. I then lined both my waterlines heavily (the second time hehe) with firm side to side motions this way I could ensure the thick black really glided on! To finish things up I coated my lashes numerous times with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, focusing more on the lower lashes, and topped it off with Kiss’s Pretty Lashes. Be sure to choose a set of lashes that DO NOT cover the glitter, some overly dramatic lashes have a tendency to cover up eye makeup, the point is to show off! Hopefully you guy’s enjoyed this SUPER different tutorial, it combines darkness with bronze light which is something I hardly do! If you would fancy a review of the duo chrome shadows simply click the highlighted pink words above, though the review was done a few months back I ALWAYS update previously done haul’s/review’s/or switchings (not sure if you guy’s know that)! Be sure to stay tuned for later today as well, I will be posting my Batman V Superman review video, do be noted SPOILERS are included as if people watching the video saw the movie already. LASTLY, be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep updated with special sneak peaks and more 😉 Have a good rest of the week cutie’s, unleash the beast.

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