• Lillee Jean

Shimmery Mistletoe Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Sadly, I was not having a good selfie day so all I have photographed is a light pink lip with much of the focus on the eyes! This is perfect for the holidays primarily because you will glimmer at every angle, thus people will see you from afar, glasses or no glasses. Plus the fact I ensured this would stay on SO WELL that it lasted a total of six hours for me. If you experiment with other lip colors let me know, I’d love to see a recreation of this! Also as a side note if you guys happen to have requests for looks do tell! On the side of my blog I have a feature that instantly emails me, so put it to good use.

*Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Primer

*Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, Porcelain

*Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, Fair Neutral

*Cover Fx Cream Foundation, N100

*Bobbi Brown Bronzer, Golden Light

*Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powder– Mirage Filter

*Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, Radiant Magenta

*Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, Opal

*Nars Multiple Stick, Copacabana

*MUFE HD Setting Powder

*Urban Decay All Nighter Spray Lips are a mixture of Makeup Forever’s Aqua Lip Liner in 18C and Sephora Lipgloss in #10

Its always a good idea to cleanse and exfoliate your skin first before moving forward to priming! Unfortunately I skipped this step and just opted in for moisturizing due to my skin being dry and overly sensitive at the moment. Keep in mind over washing your face is just as bad as not cleaning it at all, do what feels best for you! I promptly woke up and squeezed a full beaker amount of Fresh’s Seaberry Oil into the palm of my hand and starting from the center of my face extended it out towards my hairline. Depending on your skin routine, or if you’re following my lead, allow your moisturizer to set for a good 3-4 minutes!

Moving along to priming the skin, I decided to go for a primer I literally never use, Murad’s Invisiblur Perfecting Shield. It came with a Sephora VIB Gift set last Summer and it just never quite caught my eye, until now! I squeezed about three tiny pumps full out onto my hand then rubbed both together. Just like with moisturizer apply from the center of the the face and spread outwards towards the hairline. All zones of the face should be covered as this allows the makeup to blend with ease and last longer! I must say after using this it does weigh my skin down slightly, and isn’t the most desirable formulation. At any rate, allow the primer to set and sink into your pores.

One of the best foundation’s on the market, in my opinion, is Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. It has amazing coverage, photographs well, and gives a lit within appearance. Enough of me bragging though! I squeezed only one pump onto the back of my hand and with an Elf Ultimate Blending Brush went right into the product. Starting from my left cheek I began to stipple on the product simultaneously with in between downward strokes to blend it in. I followed the same motion on my right cheek then dragged any excess product on to my forehead, as well as chin. Generally you should begin from the center of your face and work outwards, but I do things a littttttle different! As said in the introductory paragraph, do what feels best and what you’re most comfortable with.

After placing the product on areas you want to highlight and contour chose either blending brush, your fingers, or a sponge to blend! I like to start from my jaw line up on both sides then take care of the center of my face. For today I opted in for the same Elf Ultimate Blending Brush. With light circular motions I spiraled up towards my under eye area and began to use stippling motions to create a fluency in color depth. Repeat this motion on both sides then, as you reach the center of your face begin the same spiraling up motions following the natural curvature of your bone structure! If you’re using a brush you should occasionally wipe it off on a paper towel to ensure the two opposite colors remain opposites and don’t full blend creating a new skin tone.

For some color back to the skin after cream contouring proceed to bronzing. I used Bobbi Brown’s Matte Bronzer in Golden Light with a Mac 168 brush! Starting from your temples and small circular motions, blend the product down to the hollows of your cheeks and finally down to your jaw line. As described in my last blog post, this is known as the reverse “3” since your temples and jaw are the outline of your face and the inside is your cheeks! From this point you could move along to blushing but I furthered my contour with MJ Filtering Powders! Using the same brush I lightly dusted the sides of my nose and following the natural hollowing of my cheeks re-contoured. I am not a huge fan on powder highlight so this is completely up to you and your preference :)!

Ahh Hourglass’s Ambient Lighting Blush, brings back memories. I literally bashed this in a review and said it was comparable to other drugstore blushes. After using it now a few times it is not quite drugstore quality as the pigment is AMAZING, it’s just an iffy product for me and takes time to get used to sort of like Hourglass’s Ambient Powder pallet! Anyways, with a clean Mac 168 brush, I gave a sweet smile and from the apples of my cheeks blended the shade Radiant Magenta out towards my hairline. The good thing about pigmented blushes is they create a gradience, thus a more contoured look!

Its the holidays, so even if you hate glowing, you must glow. The difference here is I am not saying glow like a discoball, when you simply glow it refers to finely milled shimmer that acts as a luminous highlight to certain parts of the face! To begin the process I first brushed my Sephora Multi-Tasker Powder Brush over Nars Multiple Stick in Copacabana. Then, I promptly