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Simple Tangerine Eyeliner 2-in-1 Makeup Look

               I am very much a 123 sorta’ girl. Unless I am in the mood to “play” around with my matte and shimmered makeup goodies, I prefer multipurpose products that execute my vision in 1o minutes or less! Anyone here with me on that? Sparking ideas from that other side of me, I decided to share with you Jeaniez a favorite 2-in-1 makeup look that I tend to do whenever I need a pick me up in the terms of color. Utilizing ONE orange/tangerine lipstick, and two eye products, I present to you Jeaniez this tangerine dream. Although a tad out of season, tangerines are my favorite to work with as they contrast my eyes, thus making them very blue, and contrast my skin, thus adding a warmth and sense of creaminess! If you’re having second thoughts, I say live boldly, and utilize whatever color you desire, and whatever makes YOU feel amazing. On a finishing note, please visit my website www.LilleeJean.com to hear about the Revlon event I went to! Throughout the months you will see me using their new products in unique and tantalizing ways ;).

Eyes ❥ AxiologyNatural Lip Crayon, Keen

L’Oreal ParisVoluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara

Laura MercierCaviar Stick Eye Color, Cocoa (waterlines, upper lash for wing flick)

Makeup Geek Cosmetics | Eyeshadow, Flame Thrower (eyeshadow set)

Lips ❥  AxiologyNatural Lip Crayon, Keen

Face ❥ Shea Moisture100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Cover Fx | Total Cover Cream Foundation, N20

             To ensure the Lip Crayon applied smoothly, I drenched a clean eyeliner brush in the product, then I carefully applied it across my eyelids. I set the orange line with a tad of Makeup Geek’s Flamethrower, however, you could have used a translucent powder, too! Just make sure you keep the product on your upper lash lines, and away from the waterlines, to prevent allergic reactions. I’d suggest doing patch tests, as well as LOOKING UP product ingredients before applying any lipstick freely to the eyelids. Axiology is a clean, natural, and vegan brand, that my skin reacts well with, thus I was in the safe zone! Point being, PLEASE PATCH TEST.

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