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Skin Care 101: Dry Skin Targeted Skin Care Products

                      You probably have heard your favorite blogger RAVE about their skin care routine, and you probably have seen countless bloggers shove products in your face convincing you of NEEDING the products, despite your skin type. Setting myself apart from this, and being as though my dry skinned video on YouTube did so well, I decided to share my AFFILIATE FREE (you will never see and affiliate link from miss. Lillee Jean) routine that has been amazing so far (about 2 months) for my sensitive to dry skin. If you too are desperate at finding something hydrating enough for those pesky dry patches, try the products mentioned below! Anyone of them is hydrating, and safe for the skin.

To Remove My Makeup: Neutrogena – Fragrance Free & Oil Free Makeup Removing Wipes

        These are QUICK, and leave no residue behind! I prefer the fragrance free type since it is more compliant with my sensitive skin, however the regular type works too. The best part is these wipes come in lavender and many more types based on your skin texture, and skin needs!

(all the wipes are hydrating, but they do sell a specific remover aided for hydrated removals)

Exfoliating/Pore Freeing Purposes: Biore – Pore Unclogging Scrub

Perfectly Posh – Whole Lava Love Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

        These two exfoliators are meant to free the pores of impurities such as black heads, and all that icky goop! I generally alternate the two, between TWO uses twice a week. That means one day (Tuesday) I use the Biore, and on the second day (Saturday) I used the Perfectly Posh, which is again NOT an affiliate link– I bought the product outright. You MIGHT experience a purge the first usage, but after your skin gets used to the charcoal, you’ll see a tighter, and brighter complexion! Both have been perfect for my dry skin, and haven’t worsened conditions. You can try the Peter Thomas Roth Firm X Enzyme infused scrub, but I just didn’t feel the product worked well enough for a repurchase– it is hyped, however.

Regular Washing: Perfectly Posh – Pore-Fect Big Face Bar

              Cliche, I know, but this huge chunk of hunk is AMAZING! It not only deep cleans the pores gentle enough for daily use, it also tightens the skin, and works to form a brighter complexion overtime. This baby has tea tree oil, and eucalyptus thus you’re assured a squeaky clean wash EACH time! I use enough facial oil, and such to keep my skins PH perfect, so the bar doesn’t dry my skin out, however if you’re at your wits end, try using an oil wash. It is gentle, and effective. I personally have just never liked the way my skin feels after, and I feel my pores always get clogged!

Toner: Dickinsons – Enhanced Watch Hazel Hydrating Toner

                 A LOT of dry skinned beauties fear toner, which in all honesty they shouldn’t! Toner in general when wiped across the skin with a cotton ball/pad removes surface dirt, and refines the pores. You’d be SHOCKED at what’ll come off the cotton ball your first rubbing– I know I was! Think deep foundation stuck under the pores, that elevate instantly.

              Instead of a toner with alcohol, which can dry the skin out, opt in for something FREE of the ingredient such as this hydrating one which I have become extremely fond of. While STILL removing impurities, and keeping my skin fresh, the formula hydrates with aloe, and witch hazel. As a bonus, witch hazel is PERFECT to apply over when you get hormonal breakouts! Once the pimple comes to a head, hold a saturated cotton ball onto the bloody blemish, and ZAP! Just like that, the next day the pimple will be scabbed over. You’ll find the infection (pimple), to heal a lot quicker, and you’ll find it to hurt A LOT less!

Hydration: BodhiTreeNaturals Dry Face Cream – Natural Face Moisturizer, Coconut Oil

               One of the reasons why I began getting into Etsy is because of BodhiTreeNaturals! The owner is a sweetie, and really takes pride in her work. Speaking for ALL dry skinned people, IF you have yet to be phased by an expensive cream found at Ulta, or Sephora, TRY this brand out! You get your choice of preservative, AND scent! I went with lavender, and apple cider vinegar to start. As a result, all my dry patches that cracked upon my skin within 2 weeks started to fade, and began forming new, and repaired skin FREE of the patches! Of course, from time to time I do get minor dryness, but this product is truly what SAVED ME. It leaves a beautiful glow, and lasts months (do watch the EXP. date though). As an added bonus, it’s not pore clogging either. BOOO-YAH!

Extra “pick me up”: Shea Moisture – 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

               When I say “extra pick me up”, I’m referring to when I need severe hydration! During the Winter, like anyone else, my lips and specifically for me, the tip of my nose become totally gross, and dry. When my face cream, and lip balms are not working, I glide on some coconut oil! After two uses the problematic areas are on their way! Coconut oil has a tendency to penetrate deeper into the pores then other types of oils, so it’s highly effective. I use it as a daily moisturizer, too! The only downfall is you MUST be careful with the amount used. For example, although I use it as a primer for makeup, I use only a finger tip swiped amount– anymore, and I’d have clogged pores.

All In 1 Oil: Oil Essentials – Lavender & Rose Hip Soothing Facial Oil

              WE ALL need one oil we can count on! Whether you have a favorite or not, an all in one is the best it gets. Apply this after your routine, on your hair, in your bath– ANYWHERE! My favorite, and the most effective for me is Oil Essentials “Lavender & Rose Hip” Soothing Facial Oil. You can purchase this at any drugstore; look towards the bottom shelves, they tend to hide it! This oil in specific is perfect for dry skin as it prevents impurities from reaching the epidermis level (if your PH is too low, dry skin, you can actually FORM bacteria), reduces redness, and hydrates from head to toe. I love applying this to my cuticles, too!

            Hopefully this little “updated” blog post could help some of you out there desperate, and looking to cure your dry skin!

Remember this order:

Exfoliate (2X week), Wash, Toner, Moisturizer, Oil

          Even though some “Pinterest” posts might say otherwise, this is the most effective way in MY OPINION to help drier skin! It worked for me, and I had extremely chronic, and stubborn dry patches across my four main zones. One other thing I want you cuties to know is using too much toner can bring the skin down to an unsafe PH level, and can actually from being too dry, form a whole other issue of oiliness since the skin naturally (and the body) will produce oils to bring your PH level back up! Strive for being clean, not a prune. Do strive to be confident in your own skin, too! Skin care first, makeup and all that other stuff can come after. Don’t be surprised if your favorite concealer, or foundation is actually the culprit of your dry skin. Test things out, be your own scientist ;)!

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