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Skincare Infused Beauty Routine Tips | Lillee Jean Beauty

Skincare infusion has become extremely popular within beauty routines! Here at Lillee Jean Beauty, we view skincare infusion far deeper than utilizing products with skin-loving benefits, but to the level of a well thought out "before" routine, that is riddled throughout one's makeup look. For example, a good serum, moisturizer, and oil, with an eye cream, will be quite suitable, along with adding perhaps one drop of oil to a foundation, and, using clean beauty products, that tend to have HA, shea butter, and other abundances of targeting formulations. This is only the surface.

Read below for some tips on why skincare is so vital, for beauty routines!

Lillee Jean - Skinimalism Skincare Trend
Lillee Jean - Skinimalism Skincare Trend

Skincare Above All: The Prep

Skincare is so vital! Adding a serum, oil, and moisturizer should tackle day-to-day issues, and help use less makeup in the long run. Think about it. If you target your dark circles beforehand, or, mask the night before to add hydration, chances are, you won't rely on makeup to cover those concerns, and thus, without heavier makeup, your skin will look far fresher and more youthful.

A favorite trick of mine, since I have dry skin, is to exfoliate with Bliss's Jelly Glow before makeup is applied. This helps to ensure a smoother makeup application.

Know the limits Of Skin

You might be wondering, "what do I look for?" There are so many products on the market today promising hydration benefits, reduction of pores, and even "flawless skin." Unfortunately the phrase "flawless skin", is in no-ones "real-life" dictionary.

People have pores, dry patches, oil spots, acne, cysts, and even scars. The goal with skincare-infused makeup is to IMPROVE those symptoms over time. If you're going to wear makeup, might as well make it benefit you. I personally like Milani Glow Tint, as it has squalane, a hydrant, that over time helps improve plumpness, and, hydration. It's not a miracle, it's a fix.

Would you rather a foundation that lays heavy, and does nothing to BENEFIT you, or a foundation that lays light, and helps improve skin appearance?

Multi-Task Your Beauty Routine

Catrice True Skin High Cover Concealer Launch 2021 - Lillee Jean
Catrice True Skin High Cover Concealer Launch 2021 - Lillee Jean

One really vital tip is to multi-task your beauty routine! Here in New York, people are always on the go. A really good product, singularly, is all that is needed. Say a concealer with caffeine, a powder that locks in but doesn't dry down, a refreshing spray with cucumber -- it all counts!

Multi-task by utilizing specific ingredients such as:

  • hyaluronic acid (Honest Beauty Hydrogel contains 3 types);

  • caffeine (boost skins plumpness);

  • grapeseed oil (hydration);

  • shea butter (hydration);

  • meadowfoam;

  • allantoin;

  • squalane (squalene is from shark liver, Squalane is clean)

Love your skin all day long


We all have something we'd like to improve. A dark spot, acne, or even just dark circles. Makeup nowadays has so many benefits, why not indulge? A skincare infusion to your beauty routine is highly impactful.

I know in my routine, I always make way for a hydrating refreshing mist, with HA, a good concealer with HA, blush and glow that contains organic aloe, and antioxidants, as well as a foundation with squalane.


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