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Smashbox Cosmetics Cover Shot: Eye Pallets, Ablaze Review & Swatches

If you’re a makeup lover, you’ve probably heard of, or seen the new Smashbox Cosmetics Cover Shot Eye Pallets! These little beauties contain two (2) wide highlighting colors, and six (6) regular shadows ranging from metallics, to pure workable mattes. As a little background story, in working with Shay Mitchel, Smashbox came up with the “Cover Shot” concept! Essentially based off of Shay Mitchel’s personality, and the idea of studio secrets combined in one, the company formed seven, yes I said SEVEN, new eyeshadow pallets that can suit even the most demure…and dramatic of persons. Below is a bit of my review, with swatches of the pallet “Ablaze”! This is NOT a promotional blog post, and I bought the pallet with my own money (many bloggers were given Ablaze, and Bold for review). Hope you loves enjoy!

Straight off the bat, two features that seem to be the most striking is the holographic cover, and the travel size friendly encasing. This means if you turn the pallet one way, the splash of pigment in the cover photo will reflect either a splash towards you, or a splash becoming smaller and reversing to when the pigment was first thrown/blown. It does add a cute touch, and makes for a flashy touch-up compact. Going onto the travel friendly side of things, you can easily stick this baby in your purse, and hit the road! I’m bargaining the fact of being able to squeeze it in a jam-packed suitcase, too. The only issue here is unlike most pallets, the corners are SQUARE, and thus sharp. This means if you prod the pallet by accident, you will more than likely get a tiny sensation of “OUCH!” Although this doesn’t bother me too much, I felt you cuties should know regardless. Since this pallet contains 0.27 OZ of product, and is (4.46W x 2.44D x 0.45H) in length, Smashbox put the shadow names on the BACK of the pallet to save space. Not a concern for me, but it does make listing product details a bit annoying. Anyhow, another feature this pallet has is a magnetic closure! This makes closing the pallet super easy, and opening it a gem too. The issue here? You might need to use your nail, rather your thumb to open the tiny slot. Due to how low down in elevation the nip is to open the pallet, and how the dip is very deep, one might have a difficulty of actually using a finger to open the pallet…I know I did!

Retailing at $29.00, do the actual shadows meet up to the price? Well, since I only purchased Ablaze, I can only speak for one. This desert inspired eyeshadow pallet arrays from warm reds, to metallic rose golden hues! You receive three (3) mattes, Relaxed (warm peachy ivory), Throwback (clay red), and Dark Horse (deep and warm brown), along with four (4) metallic like shades including Siesta (warm rosy peach w/ gold), Delirious (warm toned copper/red), Torch (true mari-golden gold), and Moccasin (warm light gold), and one satiny color named Nirvana (desert like magenta-red color). When I first received the pallet last night, I must admit I WAS NOT impressed! For those of you who checked out my Instagram Story, you’re probably aware that first time swatches were atrocious. Chalky, and blegh! HOWEVER, I noticed that when applied with a brush, and with the top layer removed, the shadows become of typical Smashbox quality– not as soft and silky as the Exposure Pallet, but close. Above are swatches of the entire pallet WITHOUT a primer! I believe in the true pigments power, without the extra help. As you can see the colors are vibrant, but they don’t quite streak well, thus they don’t blend well! Dark Horse, all the way at the end, or beginning in this case, applies sheer, and so does Nirvana. With my last makeup look, I actually had some difficulty working Dark Horse into my crease since it sorta “stuck” to my eyelids and DID NOT blend. On the flip side of things, all the metallics, satins, and for the most part matte’s did a rather good job staying power wise! Each color remained vibrant for the four (4) hours I wore the shadows, and did not smudge one bit. Another downside here is I did have to apply the metallic shades with my fingers, but I think most beauties do to get the most pigment possible!

Just for the sake of you love bunnies, these swatches were done TWICE. That means with a clean finger each swipe, I smudged the shadow across my arm! One swipe pigment is not prevalent here, sadly. This is quite a different take from their Full Exposure collection, but c’est la vie companies change! Overall this pallet is a 5.6/10 for me. Not the best thing I’ve ever spent money on, but not necessarily the worst since I do like the color range! Perhaps I will reach for it, but it won’t be on the top of my mind when I do tutorials. If you want a good warm toned pallet that is 100% quality, check out Milani’s Earthy Elements Pallet (yes, I just compared this to a CHEAPER, and more efficient pallet), or the coveted Anastasia Modern Renaissance Pallet which is more money, but superior in quality. Below is a close up on my eye makeup featuring this eyeshadow pallet!

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