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Lillee Jean Sugarpill Cosmetics Lipstick REVIEW + SWATCHES

If you’re a makeup lover like myself, you have at least ONE indie brand lipstick in your collection. Whether it be from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, or now Sugarpill Cosmetics, makeup mavens have it all! For me, lately, I’ve restrained myself from making any haul-like purchases, since I feel the boom in cosmetics is gettin’ a little old. I mean…how many red lipsticks can a company come out with before EVERYONE, even those who have huge collections, get tired of spending $30.00 plus on makeup that let’s not forget expires within 2 years!? Anyhow, the relevance of this is I finally went out of my way to purchase Sugarpill’s new lipstick color in ‘Anti-Socialite’, which is a part of their “Pretty Poison” collection featuring ALL dark and sexy shades. For those seeking to check out the new lipstick collection, since Sugarpill just recently ventured into lippie grounds, be sure to read on to find out my honest views on the specific shade ‘Anti-Socialite’! I chose this one since the blackened burgundy I felt was a shade many would go for, unlike a deep blue which is less wearable.

Let’s get to the specs, specifically starting with packaging, ingredients, and all that fun stuff! More specs are uncovered as you scroll down.

All “Pretty Poison” lipsticks feature a pill designed bullet case, hence the name Sugarpill, and exclusively have sparkly black packaging. These to my relief are VERY sturdy and have a handy closure, so one can make sure their lipstick will stay closed, and REMAIN closed, even in their crowded purse! Smell wise, they smell of vanilla cupcakes, but don’t expect a Mac Cosmetics signature scent– these waver, and aren’t as intense, which for me someone sensitive to smell is PURRFECT. An added bonus here is that ‘Anti-Socialite’, is a completely vegan option! Speaking of being vegan, below is a copy of the ingredients list. You will see Jojoba Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Carnauba Wax, and even Safflower Seed Oil! Essentially, for those new to these substances, all these ingredients make for a kick-butt matte lipstick, that while is made to be hydrating, still packs a MAJOR punch in pigment. Do take note, however, to the “Red 30 Lake”, and other ingredient descriptions that follow through. Red 30 Lake is generally a synthetic material, but it only adds red color, and nothing more. It’s approved for VEGAN lipsticks! “MAY contain”, in my findings, always means there is a trace.

Lillee Jean Sugarpill Cosmetics Lipstick REVIEW + SWATCHES
Lillee Jean Sugarpill Cosmetics Lipstick REVIEW + SWATCHES

Marketed as a “SEMI-MATTE” formula, thus you will have some moisture unlike a coveted Kat Von D Lipstick which tugs, this lipstick glides on, and within ONE SWIPE, has mega pigment! Above is a swatch of ‘Anti-Socialite’ on my lips, without a lip liner. It took two coatings for an even finish, however, this is because the formula is SO moisture drenched, easily one can make a mistake! What I noticed is unlike other deep red lipsticks, ‘Anti-Socialite’, does not streak, and from the start is BOLD. If you desire a darker finish, try to apply WITHOUT a lip brush, though! The more blended, the more the burgundy color comes out, and the blackened finish lessens. One downfall I saw, since it’s best to see both the pros and the cons, is that within 20 minutes of just POSING, the product began to feather terribly! To my luck, this doesn’t really stain (SHOCKING, I know), and I was able to clean it up with just my finger.

Compared to Besame Cosmetics lipstick in Blood Red, which is rather dark, this product is on the same creaminess level, however not as long-wearing. Possibly this is due to me wearing a dewier foundation that day, which always causes bleeding, so I am OPEN to applying a matte setting powder on top, but I must say I like to use a product as it is without the extra struggle. I will give Sugarpill this – darker colors are EXTREMELY difficult to formulate as they generally have to be drenched in pigment, thus causing worries of streakiness, tugging, and so on! For that, they deserve a 4/5 star rating.

Overall information one should keep in mind:

Color – Black base + burgundy red

Burgundy is a WARM red, but not as warm as other variations of the red color family

Cost – $20.00

More money than Urban Decay’s Vice Lipsticks ($17.00), but less money than KVD’s Lipsticks ($21.00)

Total Amount of Product – 3.2 grams / .11 OZ.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks have a size of 0.10 OZ/ 3 G


Final thoughts are as goes- with retailing at $20.00 flat and offering a stunning and quite unique blackened finish, I honestly WOULD recommend this product to a friend, and WILL purchase it again despite the downfall of it wearing off a bit on me, and feathering! It truly is hard to come by any shades with a black base added, since most brands choose to keep the finishes deep, but not dark like this. Perfect for the Spring…if you’re with the burgundy lipped’ trends featured on Dolce & Gabbana runways, and perfect for the Fall, especially! You can pair this with a wide array of colors, or just play it simple as I did, and let the lipstick speak for itself.

I hope you loves enjoyed this little review! Will you be purchasing a lipstick from the newly introduced Sugarpill Cosmetics liquid lipstick, and bullet lipstick lines? Let me know bellow your thoughts in the comments section :).

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