• Lillee Jean

Tangled: Rapunzel Golden Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial 2016 | lillee Jean

*Tarte Clean Slate Flawless 12-hr Brightening Primer

*L.A. Girl’s Pro Conceal, Green

*Marc Jacobs Re(MARC)able concealer- 1 Awake

*Hourglass Ambient Bronzer-Luminous Bronze Light

*Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powder, Mirage Filter

*Stila Watercolor Blush, Water Lily

*Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana

*ABH Illuminator, Starlight

*Buxom Lip Cream, Lilac Cosmo

*Bareminerals Mineral Veil

*Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

After the concealer’s were blended in I then moved forth to the bronzing and contouring stage, it was super weird for me because I ALWAYS contour/bronze after cream contouring, just plane old skin today homie’s. With that being said, using my Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light and my Mac 168 brush I gently yet firmly blended the bronzer from the temples of my face down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jawline, this is better known as the “outer 3” of ones face! After doing so I then picked up my Marc Jacobs Filtering Powder kit in Mirage Filter, specifically the dark bronze shade, and contoured specific area’s I wanted to add drama to. These areas include the hollows of my cheeks, under my chin, and the sides of my nose. Keep in mind, I wanted an innocent, princess like look, not an over contoured hooker roaming the streets :). Next up is blushhhhh, and it surly will make you blush doll. Try to stick with VERY vibrant blushes to help mimic Rapunzel’s witty and chipper essence about her! I went for my favorite Stila Watercolor Blush in Water Lily, as always I applied the blush from the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline. This application method gives the illusion of higher pulled up cheek bones AND gives a much more “brightened” effect as opposed to applying blush in one distinct area!

It’s time to glow girl! Really make sure to get your frost factor going, having a super shimmery/shiny glow adds to a more “youthful” appearance and once more (whats been said throughout this blog post) resembles Rapuznel’s free self! To get that sort of look I first took a pea-sized amount of my Nars Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana onto the back of my hand. From that tiny amount I dabbed the product onto the tops of my cheekbones, on the bridge of my nose, and on the center of my cupids bow! These are the “ideal” areas once should highlight, sans the forehead and chin. I then switched to my Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush and heavily smudged across my cheekbones, almost on the apples of my cheeks even, ABH’s Starlight illuminator! This took 2 layers for optimal shine to be achieved. Any excess product was brought onto my forehead and chin! The next step up is to ENTRENCH your lips in Buxom’s Lilac Cosmo lipgloss, literally over line if you must, the point here is to achieve a very glossy, plumped up effect. To finish up the face I took my Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush and lightly brushed along highlighting areas (under eye, jaw line, chin, forehead) Bare Minerals Mineral Veil setting powder! This powder is super pink so it helps to brighten up the features, which is a very GOOD benefit in this case. The last and final product added was Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray, this just helped to refreshen the makeup and ensure it would last ALL day long without fallout occurring!

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Caramel

*Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot, Bare Study

*ELF Smudge Pot– Gotta Glow

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow(s): Touch of Lilac

*Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow: DayDreamer

*Mac Eyeshadow(s): Passionate, Star Violet, Free To Be (l.e), Handwritten

*Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow/Pigments: Goldilux, Penelope, Birthday Girl

*Inglot #42 Pigment

*Too Faced Better Than Sex

*MAC Creme Eyeliner

*KoKo Lashes, Goddess

Here is where “a lot” of products are used, understandably so, exquisite hair and a fabulous dress must come with extravagant eye makeup! To begin the eye makeup, make sure your eye brows are highly raised with soft arches, moreover the classic brow shape most of us beauty bloggers fancy. Surprisingly this is VERY easy to form, especially with the Morphe G11 brush! I simply dipped into my pomade and began with TWO curved lines highlighting the brow shape I fancy most, in other words I outlined my eyebrows and connected the lines at the tail end. I then proceeded to filling my brow in with light and quick brush stokes to mimic REAL brow hair, this process takes less time than others simply because the G11 is wide thus it targets areas upon arrival fast! As for a primer I used Mac’s Bare Study across my entire lid area, it was smudged up to my brow bone as well as under my lower lash line. This is one off my all time favorite priming bases as this one in specific picks up pigment VERY well!

First things first, you must establish a superbly pigmented lilac’ed lid shade before going onto ANY further step, even if it takes an hour to pack on pigment, it must be vibrant! I opted in for Abh’s Touch of Lilac shadow for the simple reason it takes 3 layers to build up and it’s set, easy peasy. To apply the color I took my Mac 239 brush and gently, yet firmly, patted the light color onto my lid! Try to stick with denser brushes when it comes to light shadows with shimmer, it will make your life easier, trustttt me. After getting the lid shade set I then moved along to the crease, rather my normal matte approach I went for a foiled eyeshadow, in specific Makeup Geek’s Daydreamer! This too is a lilac color just deeper in tone which will start forming drama around the eyes. Using my Sephora #27 Brush I blended in the foiled color to my crease using side to side motions, make sure you REALLY disburse the shade out, this is ONLY a transitional shade! Once Daydreamer was at my “ideal” pigment and blending format I then started to switch spectrums to the more pink/brown side of town. Keep in mind, Rapunzel’s dress is purple/pink/gold, not just purple like most artists portray! With that being said, using Passionate by Mac mixed with Star Violet I gently smudged the two shades into the inner C of my eye using a cleaned Mac 217 brush. When it comes to working with the “inners” of the eye try to follow the eye socket curvature, this will help make your blending lines crisper and more blended out!

Put aside the crease juuuuustt for a little bit, lead your focus to the cut crease portion. Even though Elf’s Smudge Pot in Gotta Glow is VERY light I prefer it over ANY other golden liner/base shade for the simple reason it is BEYOND creamy and easy to blend, so if you mess up you can start over easily! Using a Sephora #20 brush I dipped into Gotta Glow and gently outlined my crease, I tried to stick to a “cat wing” sort of effect that extended out towards the tail end of my brow. Keep in mind this is JUST a guide line, not the actual cut crease effect, don’t stress adding pigment here! Speaking of pigments, once I had a defined line I began to pat on the pigments starting from Penelope. Penelope was patted/smudged on the outer third of the wing followed by Goldilux and Ingot’s #42 pigment, each color was then went over ONCE with a Sephora #27 Brush just to soften up the product and form a reverse smokey effect! To enhance the smoked out effect I then mixed Free To Be with Handwritten by Mac and with that same #27 gently brushed the shadow across the outer third of my lid up to Penelope, this formed a VERY dramatic smokey effect (see the last image of the step by step pictorial).

Begin to finish up the look with several coats of mascara, and THICK winged eyeliner. Lately I have been gravitating towards my Mac Creme Eyeliner, it seems to work the best when it comes to thick bold black lines! If you view image 5 you can see how I traced a straight line following the angle of Gotta Glow, this was prior to application of pigments and such of course! OOH I almost forgot hehe, I took Birthday Girl pigment by Sugarpill and smudged it right across my lower lash line, this was done after the mascara application because as I smudged Birthday Girl the mascara smudged as well! Finally I finished off the eye makeup with my favorite dramatic lashes, KoKo’s Goddess lashes (these are super amazing and go on easily, if you haven’t noticed this makeup look is allllllll about the ease).