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Tarte Bling It On Amazonian Clay Blush Pallet Review+Swatches

Ahh yes, it is that time again where Christmas goodies are amongst us and well we can’t help but splurge on em’! Today I received my Tarte bling It On pallet and I must say it is definitely not a let down. I purchased this primarily because for a while I was contemplating buying Tarte blushes and figured five full sized blushes for $44.00 is amazing- especially since these are highly rated!

To begin I will say packaging is right up my alley. Glitz and glam with a tad of gold- what could go wrong with that. Well…being a first time Tarte blush user a lot can. I just would like to say I am NOT fond of their Tartlette pallet it is super chalky. Why is this important? Well, the blush is rather dry in my opinion. It applies wonderfully but it just isn’t the “wow” factor I was expecting. The shade I was looking forward to most is doll face. It was slightly disappointing to me since it wasn’t as flashy as I expected in fact compared to Nars Gaiety it leans like a deep warm pink. Since this whole paragraph might be depressing to some I will leave it on the note that Beaming is quite lovely on the skin and is very unique. OH goodness actually, going on the track of “uniqueness” shades such as Smashing or Fetching are very dupable- especially to Too Faced Love Flush’s. Now you all can rest in peace as I tore apart this lovely pallet :).

Moving onto the swatches…

L to R WITH FLASH and over MUFE Soothing Primer- fetching, dollface, prim, smashing, beaming.

L to R over MUFE Soothing Primer- fetching, dollface, prim, smashing, beaming.

I don’t know guys- the swatches are quite convincing but seeing that my Too Faced Love Flush resembled Smashing to a T it makes me regret this purchase; but hey when in Rome, do as the Romans do. In this case, shop for glittery items!

Individually each shade has a different pigment range as well as chalky factor. For example, while fetching and dollface have a nice silky texture that is easily buildable, smashing and prim are atrocious. The two shades that lack pigment and are straight chalk. Like ew? Who comes up with this “amazonian clay”. IT has ruined two blushes and a full shadow pallet– going to shadow heaven now. Thanks Tarte. In all honesty, I am on the edge of saying this pallet is decent but then the way Prim applies? Man I have no clue this is a straight 7/10 and for 44 dollars down that is disappointing. For 44 dollars I expect Prada- not Nada.

Overall should you buy this? if you like glitter GO FOR IT if you like chalk GO FOR IT if you like matte blushes and one glittery blush GO FOR IT

If you’re like me who prefers a shimmery blush such as Nars Orgasm or a silky matte blush like Too Faced Your Love Is King- skip the pallet. The glitter isn’t worth it. Plus the fact it is hard to travel with being the sequins get caught on EVERYTHING.

This is with Dollface- it does’t leave the same luminous vibe my other blushes give however it does do the job. I’d suggest getting the singles as 28 dollars is far cheaper than 44 dollars of hit or miss shades!

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