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Lillee Jean Swatches Tarte Shape Tape Glow Wand 2020 | Lillee Jean

Above you will find a swatch video. As a run-down, I swatch and review the new TARTE Shape Tape Glow Wand $25.00 concealer, and do a bit of a demo while reviewing key points such as consistency, application, and color.

TARTE Shape Tape Glow Wand Swatches and Review | Lillee Jean
TARTE Shape Tape Glow Wand Swatches and Review | Lillee Jean

At first, I was a bit confused about the intended usage of this product. “A glow highlighter?” What is this meant for? Well, I did a looksie on Tarte’s website and according to product descriptions we all should “Prepare for eye lift off with Tarte’s Shape Tape Glow Wand, a gravity-defying, dark circle brightener in 8 illuminating shades that delivers a glow wherever you need…”

Off the bat, this concealer is GLOWY and really gives a skin-like finish! It’s not radiant, it’s LUMINOUS, and can be mixed with other concealers for a custom look. I think, for me, the most important thing is how a concealer adheres to my dry patches! This didn’t stick to em’, rather it illuminated above and made me look super fresh-faced. I feel the shade match is also REALLY amazing, too. The only con I can see is the under-eye area can look “wet”, and thus if you tend to retain water under your eye, or have puffy eyes, this WILL emphasize that, thus I suggest using a powder to set the concealer.

My shade is SUNBEAM.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent PR for review.

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