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The Perfect Everyday Makeup Look | The Lillee Edit | Lillee Jean Beauty 2022

Curious on how to create an everyday makeup look? It's actually quite simple. Getting to know you is the first step. Know your facial features, your undertones, and your best assets! Read below to find out how I constructed my perfect everyday makeup look.

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The Perfect Everyday Makeup Look | The Lillee Edit | Lillee Jean Beauty 2022
The Perfect Everday Makeup Look | The Lillee Edit | Lillee Jean Beauty 2022

Skincare prep - Keep it simple

Lillee Jean Summer Skincare Routine
Lillee Jean Summer Skincare Routine

Preparing your skin for makeup is essential! You want your skincare to move with you, and adapt with you. For me, I have dry skin. Currently, I am loving VICHY water serum and moisturizer, as well as Mario Badescu caffeinated eye cream! They both serve multiple purposes and get the job done quickly. If I need a boost (if I have puff, not just needing a caffeinated boost), I use Clarins double eye serum. That product is seriously incredible for dark circles, or puff. 123, gone.

Apply a foundation, and concealer based on your needs

Lillee Jean applying foundation
Lillee Jean applying foundation in episode 15 of Mind Over Beaute

Foundation and concealer! Let's go! Keep this step for your favorites only! Don't test anything new.

You can of course apply a foundation base, but being someone with dry skincare tends to be my savior. It is not an asset for my skin to have too much on it. As a result, I use either Mac's Water SPF Foundation (very dry) or Chanel's Les Beiges Foundation (normal).

My next step is to apply concealer. Spot coverage, the French beauty way. Maybelline Fit Me concealer (needing help), or some Chanel corrector (needing soft coverage) tends to be my go-to's. If I need more coverage the new Milk concealer in 4N is incredible (check out episode 16 of my webseries for this concealer being used).

Be sure to set things down with an adequate powder. I love the Nars Light Reflecting powder for days I need a sheer matte that doesn't dry my skin out! If I need a tad more coverage the Maybelline Superstay powder is SUPER! A dash under the eyes, the forehead, and I'm good to go.

The cheeks! Get cheeky!

French Beauty Lillee Jean  | Parisian Chic | Mind Over Beaute Episode 1.15
Lillee Jean French Beauty | Parisian Chic | Mind Over Beaute Episode 1.15

Not too cheeky. However, a dash of blush, a dash of glow! That's all you really need. If you feel you need bronzer, create a soft shadow across your cheeks to the nose. This step should not be complicated. Use the products that show your skin off the best! Everyday makeup is meant to be natural in many ways!

Keep it simple— A dash of mascara, and filled-in brows.

everyday makeup model Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

After your skin is complete the eyes are next! A dash of mascara, I love Lancome's Monsieur Big, and a bit of brow perking up is all you need. Your highlighter can be utilized on the eyelids, and if you chose a bronzer, that can be used in your crease area! Multipurpose, is everyday makeup!

A lipstick of your choice!

Even though it's everyday makeup, I have fun with my lip colors! Dior has a lovely line of shiny lipstick-gloss textures that I love to wear "on the go". However, sometimes I do love a good red...or plum...or let's face it, any color I'm feeling that day. It's about what makes you feel confident. If a nude makes you feel best, try Mac Honeylove, it's my favorite shade.

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