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This is ME, who are you?

Hey cuties! As many of you know, for a few days now I’ve been planning my “This is ME, who are you?” tag. The tag, is meant to bring everyone together through hardships, experiences, and life goals! One must explain their life, in a bit more detail than usual. That includes morals, goals for changing the world, thoughts on society, and hardships that truly shaped you! Can’t wait to see what videos you loves come up with, EVERYONE is nominated, and EVERYONE’S perspective is accepted.

As a recap, and example straight from my video read below some of my points!

“First off, if anyone has ever told you that you’re ugly, FAT, the “b” word, the “c” word, or the “f bomb” paired with anything else, STOP. The most common mistake many make is overthinking these hideous terms. Why would one want to make you feel two inches small? Simply said, they feel no larger themselves and feed off of sad emotions. I myself was subject to bullying when I was in elementary school, some of you know this from checking out my IndieBlush magazine interview with the wonderful Oscar Benjamin”

“As being pre diabetic, I not only had patches on my neck signaling the onslaught of diabetes, which runs in my family, but I was fluffy weight wise. Shoes? Haha, not even a size 8 womens wide would fit me. Clothes? All children’s sizes were made too small for my figure, or too large since I am petite. While some might argue larger clothes must be made, to this day I DISAGREE. The point is to influence a healthy grouping of youngins…not physically ill ones. Funny as this might sound, brownies is one of the push factors that changed my life! One day, my mom and I made a HUGE batter of brownie mix, and instead of cutting the cake like substance into cubes…we ate the whole darn thing. Some of you might be able to interpret the fact we ended up on the toilet for HOURS, with stomach aches not even Pepto could cure! Since then, I haven’t eaten any brownies, however it started driving my eating habits in another direction. Rather chips, I ate fruit! Rather mac n’ cheese, I ate oatmeal. From regimenting myself, and channeling my mind to accept change, gradually the pounds started pouring off. Sadly, I became a bit too obsessed with loosing weight since I am highly into fashion, myself, and all things that follow! Another factor that truly shaped me is a food tracking app. I personally am not one who can follow the rules in a regimented mannerism, ironic, isn’t it? But when it started to become too much, in the terms of I couldn’t eat the way I wanted, things went downhill from there. If I want to eat 5 apples, YOU BETTER BET, I’m going to eat five apples. Through deleting the app, and straightening out my head, realizing women should look healthy not like shaped stick figures, the weight poured back on, but in a manageable way.”

“Like many young children, in elementary school I did face bullying for my weight. It wasn’t the bullying interestingly, as quiet as I was back then that changed it. I was observing, seeing out the world. Did I cry? Once or twice, but you cannot shrivel the lilz. This one girl in specific, Judy, really broke me out of my shell. Wearing terry sweaters, with her small head shook down, one day she made the wrong move by calling me fat, then cowardly defining allegations, although I heard her, myself. This was it for me. NO ONE, was going to step on me EVER again. Subsequently, the following week, my mom and I pulled up to the elementary school, seeing her once again head down walking in, and rolled down the women screaming “JUDY, JUDY, JUDY”, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a little girl run that fast, haha! Sometimes, compassion needs a bit of force to get one’s point across. Sure, being called terrible things does sting the heart, but one should look at it as a learning experience. Perhaps Judy had issues going on at home, for her to lash out this way! By keeping a compassionate, and open stance, I noticed Judy blooming before my eyes in class by participating more in discussions and actually saying kind words towards me, and others. Sometimes force doesn’t solve all.”

“Beauty is an internal matter than exudes out. Plastic surgery cannot cure a broken mind, nor soul. It won’t just be lip injections, next shall be botox, cheek fillers, hair extensions…the list continues on! Once you realize makeup is meant to enhance, and not to mold your entire face into someone you aren’t, is the time true confidence will offspring off oneself. Once you realize not every argument must be dealt with using attack mechanisms, is the time you become wise. ONCE, you some using crutches to define yourself, is the time YOU, become you.”

These are all obvious snippets, but hopefully I’ve made my point clear! I do advise anyone who does this video to NOT wear any makeup, from the start. This isn’t a removal tutorial. This is a video about you, and who you are! Love you all, XOXO, your Lilz.

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