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Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Pallet Review+Swatches

       Too Faced released the Chocolate Bon Bon pallet on December 8th selling out almost three times on both Sephora and While I am not one to fall under the hype of many products, this was just way too cute to pass up!  It currently retails for $49.00 flat without shipping and tax rates. My only issue with the pallet is many of the colors present are VERY dupable in fact I will be listing swatches of similar shades that have better pigment.  As many of you know I also had the same issue with the original Chocolate Bar Pallet lacking pigment, however not only do my Makeup Geek shadows perform better, and they’re cheaper,  these simply are impossible to use with brushes!  I literally went through four blending brushes until I finally gave up and used my fingers to blend and pat.  Being you get AMAZING pigment this way it does make for a great traveling pallet; it is extremely sturdy, has magnetic closure, and on the go colors minus the bulkiness and plains of most pallets.

        Here is the back of the pallet with the packaging on!  The obvious theme here is pink, hearts, and lots of love thus the usage of rosy shadow colors.  If you happen to be new to buying pallets, or have absolutely no pinks to your collection perhaps this pallet is for you, however after seeing Sugarpills shadow in Hotsy Totsy is 100% more pigmented than Totally Fetch, this is just another pallet.  The colors blend out to the point you cannot even differentiate between certain shades!  For example, the other day I had done a look with Totally Fetch in my crease.  It seems like a very vibrant pink, super girly too, then you apply it and it looks as if a dash of nothing was applied.  Again, for beginners or frequent travelers this is excellent because the colors sheer out so mistakes are easy to fix.

           The shades range from a light bone, to deep and alluring purples that lean more plum.  Texture wise there is a good balance between mattes and shimmers, and surprisingly when applied with a finger the shimmer is still visible.  If I were to choose a favorite Too Faced pallet between the Chocolate Bars, it would be the original pallet only because the pan size is larger and I have an easier time with blending.  Going on the idea of pan size, there is a similar structure to these colors however since there is two full sized shades being Satin Sheets and Divinity.   Longevity wise these lasted a remarkable seven hours for me with little to no fall out which I thought was pretty damn good! Be sure to use a strong primer or shadow base when working with these such as Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils or a long wear cream eyeshadows, the difference in pigment is incredible to say the least.  I am critiquing this pallet so closely only because with most Too Faced shadows they apply amazing without priming!

         If you’re on the hunt for a rose golden pallet or simply a pallet with pinks don’t fall subject to the hype on this just because it has cute packaging.  There are SOOO many other pallets with much better pigment around the same price range such as the Lorac Unzipped Pallet and Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet.  Speaking of both these pallets, there is a signature deep raisin shade present that I would like to compare to the shade Dark Truffle from the Bon Bon Pallet!

      Like any other Chocolate Bar Pallet, these shades have a light scent of chocolate to them.  This isn’t an issue for me which is a pro because I am very sensitive to smell!  So, don’t let that put you off to at least testing the pallet out.  I am not quite against it however I don’t see it as a necessity in anyones shadow collection, its a collectors item and makes for a great Christmas gift in my opinion.  Below I am going to freshly swatch the shades on my arm, with and without a shadow base.  Be aware in my video the swatches are probably much better because you can clearly see the sheen.

     From left to right starting from the first image is Almond Truffle, Cashew Chew, Dark Truffle, Satin Sheets, Cotton Candy, Pecan Praline, Cafe Au Lait, Totally Fetch, Sprinkles, Bordeaux, Earl Grey, Molasses Chip, Mocha, Malted, Black Currant, and Divinity which is close to nothing.

         I am going to begin with the primed swatches only to make it a point the pallet is NOT BAD, just not on par with other same priced branded pallets out there.  One of the major faults as stated in the beginning, is while this applies extremely well by hand when a brush is introduced all hell breaks loose.  The only color I’d consider “unique” is Earl Grey.  You don’t normally see a teal blue with grey notes in any pallets on the market today, and to my surprise it has impeccable pigment compared to the other shades.  Not quite sure if it is noticeable but from the second image, the color Bordeaux appears extremely streaked, and so does the color Malted.  This was a disappointment for me because these two shades happen to be one of my favorite colors.  The picture is depicted by three separate parts of my arm because I happen to be short which means short limbs, boo hoo.

       The only primer I have found to allow these shades optimal pigment is Nyx’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  Any other primer, or shadow base used simply soiled the product to the point nothing even showed up.  One thing I will say despite all of this negativity, the shadows are smooth- not chalky at all and glide right on, which is a plus being most shades with claimed pigment are chalk boxes.

    From left to right starting from the first image is Almond Truffle, Cashew Chew, Dark Truffle, Satin Sheets, Cotton Candy, Pecan Praline, Cafe Au Lait, Totally Fetch, Sprinkles, Bordeaux, Earl Grey, Molasses Chip, Mocha, Malted, Black Currant, and Divinity which is close to nothing.

        Here are some of the shades without no primer.  As you can see those intense pigments fade away and aren’t anything you’d expect.  For example, the shade Cashew Chew is nearly invisible and completely is a turn off to me.  If I were to swatch ANY OTHER pallet pigment is present.  In a store, swatching this on the go?  I’ll pass.   The worst part is if you were to pick up ANY shadow brush and perhaps apply Cafe Au Lait, which is one of my favorite colors from this pallet, you’d be absolutely disappointed.  There is a method to applying this and it isn’t like any other pallet you’ve ever had.  Forget the cute lovey dove design- would you rather quality over cuteness factor?  I sure do.  This again is NOT a necessity in any ones makeup collection, its simply pretty to stare at.

          This is a look I had done yesterday with around four shades, and blended and patted on by hand.  The one question I have for you guys is, can you see the pink? No. Thats the answer, no.  For some this is amazing because I do realize the color can be intimidating. A muted, and versatile shade is where its at for many who simply want a splash of color or just shimmer on the go.  For intense smokey eyes it’ll be quite interesting to complete because once again, blending is a nightmare.  Going back to the primed swatches, you can clearly see how some shades drag.  As an everyday pallet this is a great choice because just like the image photographed above it defiantly sheers out and you have over fifteen shades to choose from with all different finishes!  I will separately do a blog post for that look in specific because for super glam days, why not pop out the Bon Bon.

        Moving along to what the bulk of my YouTube video was on, there are quite a few dupes present.  For instance, the color Totally Fetch resembles Sugarpill’s Hotsy Totsy, and the color Dark Truffle although not the same is very very similar to Lorac’s Untamed.  Below I am going to compare those swatches so you get an overall idea of what to expect when you purchase this.  Also as a side note, a new pallet with dupes already? Yikes.

         On the right is Hotsy Totsy, and the left is Totally Fetch.  From the pans both look quite identical, and swatch wise if you really evaluate the color they’re similar with the difference of Totally Fetch being super shimmery.  Once again however the only fault is Totally Fetch sheers out from the beginning making it seem like a completely different shade.  Not to mention the fact, the Sugarpill pallet offers more in the pan (if you’re into the hot pink color), blends well with a brush, and the package is EQUALLY as cute as the Chocolate Bon Bon.

      The last shade I will show that has no uniqueness is Dark Truffle!  From the two other colors shown, Untamed from the Lorac Unzipped Pallet, and Blackheart from the Naked 3 pallet, it is easily duped. While the other two colors don’t quite come close to the dark brown sheen, you get the idea on pigment wise how the other two colors are more opaque.  Of course like any other pallet there are a few staple mattes you can find anywhere such as Almond Truffle which looks almost identical to Makeup Geek’s Cocoa Bear.

Bottom line

        This pallet is not for everyone.  Who is it fit for?  I’d say your average traveler, beauty junkie, and beauty newbe is where it’s at.  Many of the shades present are not unique, lack pigment, and only have a one way street on applying methods.  As shown above colors that are meant to pop out at you really don’t went put next to its superior.  If you’re one who wants a pallet with every color of the rainbow, meaning, not your normal browns, perhaps try this out.  It isn’t a horrible pallet, just I’d expect much more from Too Faced, especially more on unique shades.

      The smell is not a problem for me as it is very very faint, even when applied. This is easy to put in a bag and whip out with confidence since it has cute embroidered hearts and is a girly pink shade!  One turn off for me however is the shape of the shadows, which might only be me.  They sort of remind me of Claires pallets, not that its a big issue, just preference.  Going back to the positives, these shadows also are creamy.  While they have a slightly different texture than the original Chocolate Bar, there I cannot fault them because if you have patience building up color will eventually happen.

Overall: 4.5/5

Depends strictly on the person and their desires :)!

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