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Lillee Jean Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette Review and Swatches

                       Mmmmmmm! Ahhhhh. Do you smell that? The smell of peaches? Or perhaps the smell of candied peach rings? Regardless, as many of you beauties know Too Faced is infamous for their chocolate smelling palettes, and now their “peach” smelling palettes. Last year they released the Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Pallet, and due to popular demand, they brought the product BACK with a full collection of blushes, and glows following. I believe this line is now semi-perminant, leaning on a bit more of the permanent side of things! After testing the pallet out for a week now, making sure to fill the spectrum with not only swatches, but eye shadow looks, I am ready to give you love bunnies my honest review on this product. Do ya’ need it? Or are there better eye shadow’s out there? Find out below!

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 Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch-ups of a lighting change, sharpness enhancement or a saturationenhancement. 

                      Packaging is key to any eyeshadow pallet, moving past the actual shadows inside! Why? Well if the pallet is chunky, or simply ridiculous in the ways of tricking you as the buyer into believing there is more product then there truly is, it MATTERS. First off, this eyeshadow pallet is a bit different then the other two offered by Too Faced Cosmetics. Not only are all 18 eye shadow’s of the same 0.95g weight, their setup, although similar to both the Chocolate Bar, and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Pallet, feature a bit of a different dynamic. Looking past the forgotten signature “2 full sized” highlighting shades, which does not bother me, the pallet itself is quite beautiful with it’s gradient peachy cover, and peach decaled front. They took after the Chocolate Bon Bon’s palette with the front having tiny peaches, as the Chocolate Bon Bon’s has tiny hearts :)! This definitely is the same size as the other three pallets, thus if you’re seeking to purchase this pallet, fret not, packing should not be an issue, as in my opinion they downsized as much as they could with keeping the product slim, yet sturdy. One thing I really despise is the scent! Overtime it wears off, as you open and close the eyeshadow pallet, but it is EXTREMELY strong, to the point my nose was burning when I first opened it. Not quite the smell of natural peaches, more of a candied vibe, and I think many would agree who not only are sensitive to fragrance, but have lived around PEACHES.

                 Now onto what many are seeking– SWATCHES, and a bit of a REVIEW!

Here is (from LEFT, to right) White Peach, Luscious, Nectar, Georgia, and Peaches ‘N Cream!

All of these colors are LIGHT, and could be seen as highlighting shades.

White Peach is a beige, with a pearly reflect.

Luscious is a muted peachy nude, with a shimmer coating.

Nectar is shimmery, light warm toned gold.

Georgia is a light, and pale peachy-orange color.

Peaches ‘N Cream is a mid-toned peachy-cream color.

                 Each shade preformed wonderfully without a priming base, however there are TWO colors I had the most issues with– Georgia, and Peaches ‘N Cream. Although stunning, both had chalky/powdery like tendencies. For example, if I swirled into the pan more than 3 times, the product would bunch up into a chalk like feel– not the smoothest of mattes, and certainly not of Too Faced quality! When applied to my lids, the colors were extremely sheer, and not pigmented. Despite this, each shade did wear for a surprising amount of hours, Nectar holding onto 5 hours flat. Back atcha’ loves with another CON– speaking of Nectar, along with White Peach both are SHEER, and need a bit of will power to build up the pigment! Loosly packed shadows are known to be like this, so I can’t really blame Too Faced.

Here is (from LEFT, to right) Cobbler, Caramelized, Bellini, Puree, and Bless Her Heart!

All of these colors are MEDIUM toned, and could be seen as ordinary lid shades.

Cobbler is a peachy bronze with a shimmery finish.

Caramelized is a orange based bronze with a shimmery finish.

Bellini is a peachy-pink with gold reflects.

Puree is a matte orange toned brown.

Bless Her Heart is a shimmery olive-green.

                  These colors I categorize as “ordinary” lid shades, simply because they’re medium toned, and fit enough to wear on the lids as a dash of color that isn’t too dramatic! Unlike the lighter shades, I found these to be more pigmented, and long-lasting. The only issue I had, more of discovery actually, is that each shimmer shade needs AT-LEAST two coatings to achieve a pigmented base, otherwise it’s like rubbing sheer shimmer with a slight twinge of color on your lids! Each sheers out when blended, so it’s best to apply the colors with your fingers, or with dense packing motions. Bellini although one of my favorite colors has an odd texture, where one sweep seems to crumble the pan itself, or almost shift the product like chalky SAND!

Here is (from LEFT, to right) Just Peachy, Candied Peach, Summer Yum, Charmed, I’m Sure

All of these colors are relatively vibrant, and can be used as pop of color shades.

Just Peachy is a rosy pink with gold undertones.

Candied Peach is a true orange based peach with pink micro-shimmer.

Summer Yum is a beautiful matte red-orange brown.

Charmed, I’m Sure is a workable medium-dark brown.

                      Probably the best preforming colors out of the entire pallet. Yes, these can be sorta’ powdery at times (Candied Peach), but I found the overall textures to be workable with, and extremely stunning! The matte’s glide on SMOOTH, and to my surprise the two pop shades blend wonderfully while keeping their natural shade. The only thing I will say is Just Peachy, similarly to Bellini has that odd dusty like feeling with a semi-opaque finish!

Here is (from LEFT, to right) Tempting, Peach Pit, Delectable, and Talk Derby To Me!