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Top 3 UNDERRATED Disney Princesses + Makeup Looks | Lillee Jean

Hi Jeaniez :)! Welcome back! Here is a collection of my most favorite underrated Disney Princess looks I've done between 2020-2021. These princesses are pure, true, and quite regal! Scroll down below!

1. Princess Anastasia, Anastasia

Recently introduced into the Disney fam, it's time for a real princess, Anastasia, who is majorly underrated. The story is beautifully told, fresh in animation style, and timeless music-wise. If you love thick brows, bold lips, and unique liner, this look will be for you.

Princess Anastasia Makeup
Princess Anastasia Makeup

2. Disney's Elena Of Avalor, Princess Rebecca

She's strong, feisty, and full of love! My number two is inspired by Princess Rebecca, from Disney's Elena of Avalor. I went for a smokey look, utilizing authentic Israeli cosmetics!

Princess Rebecca from Elena Of Avalor
Source: Lillee Jean

3. Disney's Charlotte La Bouff, Princess & The Frog

Charlotte is such an integral part of Tiana's story in Princess & The Frog! Not only is she a supportive friend, but SHE KISSES A FROG FOR HER BESTIE!! I mean, common, that's amazing. All for true love!

Lottie Charlotte La Bouff
Lottie Charlotte La Bouff