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Lillee Jean 2016 Top 4 Mac Autumn Lipstick Swatches

Being we’re officially four days into Autumn, I decided a top 5 Mac lipstick post accompanying the season was quite suiting! Autumn can be broken up into two sectors, one with light tones, and another with deep and sensual hues. For today, I decided to kick things off with a light to medium mashup, because I do know it’s back-to-school time for most, thus the lighter colors might be of a more helpful nature!

Lillee Jean 2016 Top 4 Mac Autumn Lipstick Swatches
Top 4 Mac Autumn Lipsticks Swatches 2016 | Lillee Jean

From dainty nude, to intensive pink laced with gold, these are the shades that remind me MOST of Autumn! Pictured above is both a swatch on my lips, up close, and a swatch from afar this way you beauties can see the shade in both perspectives. Speaking of perspectives, my skin tone in MAC products is NC20. Keep in mind the spectrum of MAC, works backwards. If you’re a “NC”, neutral cool, you have a yellow undertone. Although it makes sense, to most this can be confusing since cool tones are NORMALLY associated with pinks in one’s skin! Anyhow, going along with the said ideology, “NW”, neutral warm, means you have a pink undertone. I think you loves get the idea! Below I shall be listing each lipstick, along with a link to either dupes, OR the actual product, with a short description of WHY I fancy each most.

Top 4 Mac Autumn Lipsticks Swatches 2016 | Lillee Jean
Top 4 Mac Autumn Lipsticks Swatches 2016 | Lillee Jean

1. Mac Lipstick, Brick-o-la

This mid-toned berry leans VERY coral like on me, which is quite odd since when swatched (view photo above), it appears to be a pinked plum! The formula is an amplified creme, thus you can expect INTENSE pigment within one swipe that lasts a few hours, leaving a beautiful stain behind. Why this color? Berry’s have always been associated with Fall, but, a berry that CAN shift coral depending on your skin? I think yes. Always make sure to TEST your products out first before purchasing, OR make sure you order from a website that guarantees quick returns!

2. Mac Lipstick, Shy Girl

Shy Girl, a creamy coral beige is probably gonna’ be your best friend! Fitting with a variety of makeup looks, INCLUDING purple eyeshadow, this lipstick, featuring a creamy formula is def a keeper, because it’ll last ALL Fall long, and literally, lasts hours upon no removal. Being this color isn’t too warm, it’s flattering on a variety of skin tones, as well!

3. Mac Lipstick, Plumful

Ohhhh, Plumful. One of my FAVORITE’S! Plumful, coming in a Lustre finish is described as a “blossoming rose-pink”. This lipstick, in my opinion, experiences more PURPLE tones then anything, but this could be due to a clashing of undertones! This shade happens to look the most different between the warm, and natural lightings. Though quite the downfall, I think it’s expected for shades in-between to lean differently upon certain conditions!

4. Mac Lipstick, Creme De La Femme

Similarly to Plumful, Creme De La Femme exhibits plum hues as well! Described as a “pink laced with gold”, the pink is visible, just not as girly as expected. I picked this beauty up many Fall’s ago simply because I KNEW it would be a good luck shade! Call me cliche, but it actually has brought me some quality luck. Pairable with lilac shadows, and even smoked light bronzes, this truly is a MUST HAVE shade!


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